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  • I think we can all agree that live music is pretty much the best thing about being a metalhead. What were your...

Clever Kids Listen to Heavy Metal

I stumbled across a few news articles from 2007 confirming what we’ve all known for decades – the Clever Kids Listen to Heavy Metal. Kitty Empire of the Observer wrote the first piece: Why Heavy Metal

Up the Irons! 28 October 2009

A big Steff Metal Up the Irons! to: My first payday since July  \m/  silly quotes from crazy people  \m/  cutting down plastic in my life with this fabulous blog Life Less Plastic  \m/  typing “Heavy

Steff Metal Top Ten Heavy Metal Halloween Ideas

Being a New Zealander, Halloween has never been a big deal for me. We never trick or treated, or held Halloween parties or decorated the house. The older (gulp) I get, the more I’m into celebrating

Tim Burton’s Tricks and Treats

Steff Metal will never be a dumping ground for fashion spreads, because I’m just not clued in enough to catch all the fabulous darkly death metal goodies out there – better bloggers tackle fashion spreads, and

Linking Horn for 23 October, 2009

I’ve returned to the land of the long white jandel. CDH and I are still wrestling with the jet lag, so expect a light smattering of postings while we find our feet again and unpack all

Top Ten Bands I Should Probably be Embarrassed to Like

We all have them – our guilty music pleasures. The bands we turn down when the phone rings. The CDs we hide in our sock drawers in the hope our kreig mates won’t find them, the

The Mort Morgue

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