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  • How cool is this? A Harry Potter-themed wedding? Just so all your Potterheads know, this celebrant is PERFECTLY...

5 Christian Metal Albums Reviewed

Discussion surrounding Christian metal bands can become quite heated. Many argue that the concept is an oxymoron and an affront to the metal ‘ideal’, whatever that may be. Some argue that all music should be judged

A Brief History of Christian Metal

A Brief History of Christian Metal

I don’t normally write posts about the history of metal genres, but considering I’m going for a “White Metal” theme this week, I thought it appropriate. While researching this article today, I’ve actually learnt a lot

“White Metal” Exploring the Oxymoron that is Christian-themed Metal

WARNING: I am trying to approach this subject with a much tact and understanding as I can, but I know opinions on Christian metal are very much divided. Everyone has a strong feeling one way or

Linking Horn: 26 July 2010

Shane Blay of the band Oh, Sleeper wrote an interesting piece over on Metal Injection about Why Mid-Level Artists Cannot Make Money. He calculates each band member makes around $13 a day on tour, which, while

Learning German with JBO

CDH and I are trying to increase our German language skills. I have a reasonabl grasp on the grammar, but I need to seriously increase my vocab, so we try to listen to a lot of

Cthulhu’s Closet: Beserk Cheerleader Dress

In my interest to look less like a Tall Eastern European Man I have been acquiring more dresses and “shapely garments”. This is one such dress – the Tera Angel Cheerleader dress from Beserk Clothing. Beserk

The Mort Morgue

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