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Cthulhu Gift Guide

This week – a linking horn with a difference. If you an organization freak, like me, you’re probably already panicking about Christmas shopping. But fear not, for I have a list of rugose and eldritch creations

Metal Mixtape: HP Lovecraft, vol 1

You practically can’t write a metal album these days without a passing reference to the Cthulhu mythos, so it’s no surprise I have songs enough to fill several Metal Mixtapes. Metallica – Call of Ktulu Thank

Cthulhu’s Closet: Cthulhu on my head!

Hiyo! Hope you’re enjoying the first week of Mythos 101: HP Lovecraft Appreciation Month. Now, I know the last two weeks of articles have been a little literacy heavy, but don’t worry, starting tomorrow, there will

Life lessons according to … HP Lovecraft

“Life Lessons” is a new feature on Steff Metal – quotes from interesting people, both within metal and without, which might inspire, incite and invigorate us with their epic wisdom and profoundness. Here is but a

HP Lovecraft’s influence on heavy metal music

So, why would a metal blog like Steff Metal dedicate an entire two weeks of posts to the work of HP Lovecraft? One could argue that if I were to write a book about all the

Linking Horn: Cthulhu on the Web

As part of Miskatonic University: Mythos 101 month, I’m delighted to bring you a special THEMED Linking Horn. Hello Cthulhu – a webcomic featuring your favorite loveable Lovecraft characters loose in the Hello Kitty universe. Via

Metal History: HP Lovecraft

Metal History: HP Lovecraft

For those of you new to Steff Metal, and I know there are a few, Metal History is a regular column where I talk about all sorts of people, places and events throughout history that have,

Miskatonic University: Mythos 101 – HP Lovecraft appreciation month

I looked at my calender and realized an important person will be celebrating his birthday this Friday – now, he is dead, but I doubt that sould stop us having a good time. Since the age

Books by Steff

Click to crab a copy of my debut novel, At War With Satan, a tale of love, lust, demonic forces, zombies, and heavy fucking metal. Get five quirky horror tales in my short story collection The Good, The Bad, and The Utterly Screwed.

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