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Ask a Bogan: My Friend Copies Me

Dear Steff Metal I’m having an odd situation with a friend I met at college. When we first started hanging out, she was pretty cool, but lately she’s started copying me – my clothes, my music

Linking Horn 27 September 2010

Simone Simons has a fashion blog! She is such a cutie :) On the Tor blog, “Rocked by a Zombie – the Undead Playlist“. I’m not gonna lie – I had hardly heard of any of

Life lessons from … Manowar

“Life Lessons From …” takes one band, artist or personality, picks selections from their lyrics and quotes at random and tries to extract some deeper meaning. As metalheads and other alternative type folks, we’re constantly being

Guest Post: origins of metalcore

I am stoked beyond belief to introduce this guest post from one of my readers. Chris is only seventeen and is clearly shaping up to be an incredible writer, critical thinker, and cynical metalhead. If you

Linking Horn for 21 September 2010

Linking up the metal and miscellany from all over the web: Avenged Sevenfold Look Like a Penis. I’m sorry guys, but it’s true. I love a little metal-themed gourmet cooking, so I’m stoked to hear the

Heavy Artillery final gig, epic roast dinner, and granny undies

My head hurts. Epic night last night (being Saturday night, where I come from). First, we had friends over for a jam in the basement drum dungeon. While they were jamming, I, the unmusical one, made

Up the Irons! for Sept 17 2010

I haven’t done one of these in a good long while. If you’re new to the blog – and many of you are – Up the Irons! is my not-so-regular shout out to everything wonderful in

Ask a Bogan: We can’t stop fighting

Dear Steff Metal I need help. Me and my boyfriend always fight, and I don’t know what to do about it. I really want a way to keep this from happening since it has always been

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