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October 29, 2010 9 Comments

Halloween Costumes for Metalheads

I’m off to a Halloween party this weekend, as I’m sure most of you are, too. It seems strange to me, being that Halloween is essentially a harvest festival, to celebrate it at the beginning of summer, but mostly it’s an excuse to dress up in costume and have a BBQ. If you’re in need […]

October 27, 2010 14 Comments

Am I a Hipster? Are YOU a Hipster?

Q: How many Hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: It’s a really obscure number. You totally haven’t heard of it. Jokes are way too mainstream I’ve been watching this post over on Godammit I’m Mad for the last week. All the readers are throwing down the ingredients of the ultimate hipster. […]

October 25, 2010 20 Comments

Wacken Tickets Arrived

So … I am happy. They came with the requisite burger king vouchers, random paraphernalia, sample CV (which I will talk about later this week), and our new WOA t-shirts. I normally hate wearing t-shirts with swear words on them, but I make an exception for this. Today’s announcement confirms Ozzy Osbourne as the Night […]

October 23, 2010 5 Comments

Metal Mixtape: Bela Lugosi Vampire Special

It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand, which I am celebrating by having picnics on the lawn with the husband and the cat, catching up on my writing, baking cookies, planning my halloween costume, and listening to metal. In honor of Bela Lugosi’s birthday, here’s a mix of vampire goodies. There are tons of […]

October 21, 2010 0 Comments

Metal History: Bela Lugosi

I’ve been remiss in my Metal History posts lately, and for that I can only beg your forgiveness and cite extreme busyness and over-indulgence of chocolate. But today happens to be the birthday of someone dear to my heart. Indeed, anyone who loves horror owe a debt of thanks to this man for helping to […]