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  • How cool is this? A Harry Potter-themed wedding? Just so all your Potterheads know, this celebrant is PERFECTLY...

Review: Hemoptysis “Misanthropic Slaughter”

Right, that’s it. I’ve given up. My inbox is full of up-and-coming bands. Some of them are crap, but surprisingly, many aren’t. And I want to share them with you. So I will be writing a

Backyard Burial Frontman Stabbed to Death and Christchurch totalled in another Earthquake

Today in “here’s what’s happening in MY country”, a massive earthquake shook Christchurch. Thank you to the couple of people who emailed me, but this is NOT close to Auckland, where I live. On Sept 4

Metal Mixtape: Female Metal Bands and Musicians

We’re celebrating the awesomeness that is metal chicks this week, so I’ve put together a quick little mixtape of some cool metal chicks. Arch Enemy – Nemesis One of the most prominent females in extreme metal,

Interview with Armand Rosmilia, author of the Metal Queen ebooks. Plus WIN a FREE lifetime subscription to Metal Queen!

I told you all I had a special guest today, and here he is. Armand Rosamilia has been a metal fan for over thirty years, and he’s the author of “Metal Queens” a series of ebooks

Ten Reasons it’s awesome to be a Metal Chick

In honor of a special guest interview I’m posting tomorrow, I’m declaring this week the week of metal chicks. If you’re a lass who loves her music loud and dark and full of shred solos and

Ask a bogan: should I conform or stay metal?

Dear Steff Metal I’m a seventeen-year old teenager stuck in the middle of high school and I feel like I’m going to go crazy! I love metal music and have since I was twelve-years old, but

The Mort Morgue

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