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Metal Travel: 5 Metal Things to Do in Nurmburg, Germany

Metal Travel: 5 Metal Things to Do in Nurmburg, Germany

After the sleepy-times and metropolitan feel of Munich, it was thrilling to hop off the train and find ourselves enclosed in high medieval walls. Even though much of the city is reconstructed, Nurmburg has an old

Linking Horn: Master of Linkage

Linking Horn: Master of Linkage

Links for you, links for me, links for every-bo-ody! Death Threats and Hate Crimes: Attacks on Women Bloggers Escalating: This is a post on Naomi Dunford’s blog. If you’ve never read Naomi, she is probably one

Review: ArA’KuS – Aeterno Elementum

I am trying to stick to my resolution of reviewing more metal albums by, shock horror, reviewing a metal album. I know, it hasn’t happened in awhile, but I went away and every metal band in

Steff Metal in Munich – Photos from the road

I feel like I didn’t really give Munich much of a chance. After all, we were only there for two days, and one of those days we were no better than zombies. There was so much

Alice Cooper in Auckland, September 22

  What do Salvador Dali, the Foo Fighters and Bob Dylan have in common? They all have terrible hairstyles, and they’re all fans of Alice Cooper. With an infamous stage show that has been known to

Metal Travel – After Dark: The Munich Ghost Tour

Metal Travel – After Dark: The Munich Ghost Tour

On our second night in Munich (the first night being a desparate attempt to not fall asleep in our bratwurst), CDH and I hung out in the train station. No, we didn’t have timetables, binoculars and

Wacken Heavy Metal German Phrasebook

If any of you have ever travelled with those little pocket phrasebooks, you’ll know how useless they are. They never tell you what you really need to know. “Die Kirche ist hinter dem Rathaus”? “Ich möchte einen Pullover kaufen.”? When

Metal Mixtape: Wacken 2011

If you’re not at Wacken this week … well, I pity you. But here are some songs I’m probably listening to, and you can listen too, and it will be like you’re here, except without the

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