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Interview with Kimmo Kuusniemi and Tanja Karttunen of Sarcofagus / Promised Land of Heavy Metal

Maybe you’ve heard of Sarcofagus – the Finnish band that broke ground during the 80s with their classic heavy metal sound, then moved to England when it was clear the Finns weren’t quite ready for metal

New Amon Amarth Track

On this week’s Full Metal Jackie show, Amon Amarth previewed a new track off their forthcoming album Surtur Rising. The Swedish death metallers do what they do best – epic viking-themed headbanging riffs. I’m not doing

Gothic Men’s Fashion that doesn’t totally suck

A couple of months ago, a reader wrote to ask me for advice on choosing gothic clothing for men. Now, owing to the fact that often men don’t give a flying fuck what they wear, there’s

RIP DImebag Darrell

Every year metalhead blogs around the world post the same post. I’m no different, because I miss him too.

Judas Priest confirm Epitaph – their last ever tour

This morning, Judas Priest shocked the metal world when they announced that they’re giving up the metal following an epic world tour. Judas Priest, one of the most influential and iconic metal bands of all time,

Gospel of Filth: A Bible of Decadence and Darkness review

Love them or hate them, Cradle of Filth were arguably one of the first bands to define a specific sound for English extreme metal. For nearly twenty years now, the band have been producing their extreme

Life lessons from … Manowar

“Life Lessons From …” takes one band, artist or personality, picks selections from their lyrics and quotes at random and tries to extract some deeper meaning. As metalheads and other alternative type folks, we’re constantly being

HP Lovecraft’s influence on heavy metal music

So, why would a metal blog like Steff Metal dedicate an entire two weeks of posts to the work of HP Lovecraft? One could argue that if I were to write a book about all the

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