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Concert Review: Alice Cooper, Auckland, Sept 22

We showed up at the arena, Alice Cooper tickets clutched firmly in hand, to hear a busker outside singing the same Poison song, over and over and over. And the night only got better from there.

Alice Cooper in Auckland, September 22

  What do Salvador Dali, the Foo Fighters and Bob Dylan have in common? They all have terrible hairstyles, and they’re all fans of Alice Cooper. With an infamous stage show that has been known to

Can’t Blog – Gone to Wacken

Ronnie James Dio – One Year On, and it’s still not easy

I’ve been listening to Dio albums all week and getting a bit choked up. To hear that soaring voice inside your head and know he’s somewhere else … it doesn’t seem real. He doesn’t sound like

Wenches, Mead, Destruction, Drunk Steff, Free Shots, swearing, and a Pyrex Jug of Doom – Alestorm kick ass in New Zealand

“You New Zealanders are insane, I’m sure there was a barrier here earlier. But you know what? FUCK THE CUNTING BARRIER!” Alestorm stormed our shores, raped, pillaged and drank their way through all our wine, played

Costumes, midgets and those wacky Germans: Talking pirate metal with Chris from Alestorm

Yarrr! It’s pirate metal week, and I’m stoked to get an interview with Chris Bowes, vocalist and keytarist of Alestorm, who will be rocking their own brand of pirate madness at Rising Sun in Auckland this

The Mort Morgue

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