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Up the Irons! for 16 July 2010

So the reason you didn’t get a post yesterday is because, while it may be Thursday to most of you, it was Friday for me, and I went to a party. “What kind of party, Steff?”

Up the Irons! for the first of July

For those of you new to the blog (and there are a few of you this week. Hello!) “Up the Irons” is a not-quite-regular feature where I throw a big ole’ metal horns at everything good

Up the Irons! 25 June 2010

A very cake-filled week. \m/ Sunday is Helen Keller day. Helen Keller is wicked cool – at the age of two she contracted a disease which took her sight and her hearing, but she went on

Up the Irons! for 20 May 2010

I haven’t done one of these in awhile. If you’re new to Steff Metal, which I know some of you are, Up the Irons! Is an occasional shout-out to good things in life. I write mine

Up the Irons! for 8 April 2010

I have had a fantastic, but busy, couple of weeks, and the pace won’t slow till my novel is out the door to the editors. This will hopefully happen within the next three weeks. It’s crazy

Up the Irons! for March 18, 2010

I haven’t done an Up the Irons! since Feb. That doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of things to be thankful for. This week, a bit Steff Metal Up The Irons! to: \m/ Amanda Palmer, who

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