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Up the Irons for 10 December 2009

Steff gives a big metal Up the Irons to: The fact that work is paying me to create a wearable arts outfit out of recycled braille paper  \m/  having a spice shop just around the corner.

Up the Irons! for 3 December, 2009

  I’m off to “Bogan Christmas” this friday. Every year we all get together and have a Christmas party. $5 presents are brought and fought over in a deadly duel of wit and brute force. Seriously,

25 Things a Metalhead is thankful for

Thanksgiving is coming up for all you wacky American folks. Personally, I don’t know how you deal with another huge family holiday so close to Christmas, but there you are: baking your pumpkin-filled pie, pumpkin-filled turkey

Up the Irons! for 18 November 2009

Only nine more days till we move into our epicly awesome new house. Steff gives a huge Up the Irons! to the awesome email I just recieved from Tor UK in regards to my novel  \m/  Frock

Up the Irons! for 11 November, 2009

This week’s Steff Metal “Up the Irons!” goes to: New albums from Slayer, Nile and Epica thrashing away  \m/  talking about books, futuristic Vikings and the apocalypse with a fantastic editor  \m/  planning the garden  \m/ 

Up the Irons! for 5 November, 2009

Up the Irons – the column where I list everything that totally rocks my life this week. If you’re feeling down, depressed or meh, give it a go. Grattitude is kreig.   A big Steff Metal

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