August 30, 2010

Cthulhu Gift Guide

Linking Horn, Plunder

This week – a linking horn with a difference. If you an organization freak, like me, you’re probably already panicking about Christmas shopping. But fear not, for I have a list of rugose and eldritch creations to solve your present-buying woes! Tremble before this epic list of Cthulhu-themed gifts!


Brutal Knitting

Brutal Knitting, by Tracy Widdess, features some seriously epic Lovecraftian kitting, as well as some other grymm and epic creations.

One of my favorite heavy metal artists, Legendary Tiger Hero (seriously hilarious dude), painted this awesome picture, which proudly hangs above my desks and inspires me with the promise that, at least when the Great Old Ones return, they’ll listen to some kick ass music while they destroy us all. Cthulhu Awakens and Totally Shreds a Sweet Ass Guitar Solo, along with his other awesome work (See “Robo Cthulhu Rises and Totally Wrecks some Dumb Ship” for further proof), comes in several different sizes.


"Cthulhu Awakens and Totally Shreds a Sweet Ass Guitar Solo", by Legendary Tiger Hero

Now, Octopus Me‘s jewelry is strictly-speaking Octopussy rather than Lovecraftian, but I think wearing one of these pieces with your Miskatonic U sweater would be awesome. Octopus Me has got a sale section up for a limited time with tons of tentacley goodness.


Leather Tentacle Necklance, $138US, from Octopus Me

From Rogue Cthulhu, Necronomicon spell-book pages – miniature prop works of art featuring occult drawings, blood splatters and sigils.

More Necronomicon art from Zarano – I adore these pages especially.


Necronomicon 33, Devil Cult, $10US, from zarono

When I went to Greece for six weeks, a girl in our field trip group had a Cthulhu plushie, which she took to each archaeological site – she has a picture of Cthulhu at evey major archaeological site in Greece. That’s Cultist dediation on a mammoth level. You can buy a range of Cthulhu plushies at Toy Vault – I will love forever the person who gets me one for Christmas.


Me and Cthulhu, chillin at Agia Traidha in Greece.

Elder Sign brass pendant from Creative Etching.

Anyone wanting a copy of “The Shoggoth on the Roof” alongside Cthulhu fish car decals (we’ve got one of them, too), statues and Miskatonic University merch, can find them at Arkham Bazaar.

Seriously awesome Cthulhu pocket idols, christmas tree ornament and pendants from Meat Spider.

Cthulhu the solar-powered emo robot.

The Hello Cthulhu store on cafepress – not too much there at the moment, but keep your eye out.

Miss Monster sells tentacle scarves, hoodies and totes.

Cris Kesler’s beautiful artwork for the West Arkham Ladies Maritime Society.

For those of you bored at parties, the Arkham Horror adventure games.

Any more online Cthulhu merchandise or handcrafted items I should be aware of?

Suger Snuggles and Shoggoth Kisess

And of course, if you want to read some books, head along to Arkham House and take advantage of there current Buy 3 Books, Get 1 Free offer.

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January 18, 2012 at 9:38 am

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September 22, 2011 at 1:53 am

I was looking for some good stuff on google and google brought me here by chance and really liked your gift guide. keep up the good work. Thanks

August 31, 2010 at 9:10 am

I think we have the same Cthulhu! (Mine is vegetarian…)

My boyfriend has pretty much bought out the Arkham Bazaar shop, I’d better keep him away from this so he doesn’t fill the house up with tentacled horrors. :D

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