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I know it’s been a week, but I took these before the Rocky Horror Picture Show hen’s night I went to last weekend, and totally forgot to post them.


I am wearing:

  • white shirt with ruffly sleeves, Farmers
  • satin slip nightdress, present from mum
  • black dress, from Salvation Army op shop
  • black shirt, from Salvation Army op shop
  • black wool stockings, present from CDH-in-law
  • Jeffrey Campbell boots, present from Mom and Dad metal :) (love you guys!)



I am meant to be Magenta, although I am more like “Magenta after she’s had her hair straightened.)


I am re-re-re-RE-editing my novel before it goes to the editor (hopefully end of March-mid April) and adding more paintings to the shop. What are you up to today?



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