March 11, 2010

Krieg it Yourself: DIY Distressed / Studded Jeans

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Faith from One Black Carnation is a mistress of distress. Distressed clothing, that is. She’s written a tutorial on studding and distressing a pair of jeans for us all.

A really cool pair of distressed jeans can run you into a good $200. Want some studs on it? PAY EVEN MORE! Seriously, who can pay for that? I know I can’t! So, what’s a stud feign to do?

All you need is a old pair of jeans (Stained? Even better!), a knife, Sandpaper/nail file, chalk/washable marker, a pack of studs, a small nail, and pliers/tweezers (Depending on the size of your stud).

Once you’ve got your materials together, you’re ready for a crash course on jean distressing.

Distress 101: Types and techniques:

The Slash


The slash mark is achieved by rubbing a knife up and down on the jean fabric. To make sure that you don’t make a hole, completely stop after a few slashes and check your handiwork until you get the look you want. These usually appear in the wrinkle zone, or the area where the leg meets the hip.

The Fray


Rub a knife from side to side along the seams around your pants pockets, zipper, and foothole. Remember to stop regularly and check out your work.

The Hole


For a hole place a hard round object (Like a stone) underneath the area you planned hole to appear. Rub   with the nailfile until a hole with fuzzy edges appears. You’d likely see holes above, at, or directly below the knee area.

The Fade

metalhead-faded-jeansTo get the fade look, the easiest thing to do is to rub the area with sandpaper or a nail file until you start seeing those white threads, then continue up or down depending on where you marked. Keep a close eye on the area you are distressing as you wouldn’t want all those glorious threads to snap! Fades appear from midthigh to the area directly below the knee.

Now that you know the techniques, it time to plan out the look. Check out pictures of distressed jeans to get a feel of where the distress organically occurs. Put on your jeans and start drawing where you want your holes, fades, frays and slashes.

Be sure to wash your jeans after you have distressed them, to get the true wear and tear look. In the end they should something like look like this:


Now for the studding section.

First you need studs. To buy studs at cheap prices check out Crust Punks, Studs and Spikes, or Angry Young and Poor, where you can buy them under five dollars in bulk. Absolutely do not bother buying the bedazzler (Just saying.)! Also try holding on to those old studded belts, studs can be recycled.

First mark out where you will place your studs (Around pockets and on the seams are great places). Hit the web for some inspiration if you are stuck. Once you know where you are putting your studs, it’s time to put them in.

Take a look at this picture of some studs.

studded-jeans-studsNote that the underside of the stud has two spokes. You are going to place the stud over the place you plan to put it with the spokes poking out the underside of the denim. Push the stud really hard and note where those little spokes left a mark. Use a small nail to open the lil holes up. Push the spokes through and turn to the underside. Use your pliers or tweezers to push those spokes in so that the underside looks like my favorite emoticon : >.<

studded jeans

Continue to stud along your marking until you are finished


Enjoy your new jeans!

You can find Faith’s other DIY projects and “Look of the Week” posts over on her blog.

Happy studding!

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