Amelia jumps at the chance to go to Antarctica to study male emperor penguins. But her research takes a dangerous turn when she ends up trapped in a cabin with a man who doesn’t seem to be quite human any more. Larry is going on a road trip across Australia … with only a pistol and a postcard from the Vatican for company. Elisa and Stuart were star-crossed lovers, but a light-night tragedy leaves them in a very odd predicament.

Enjoy 5 stories of weird woe and delightful disaster in this short story collection by New Zealand writer and blogger Steff Metal, along with an excerpt from her upcoming novel, At War With Satan – a tale of love, redemption, and heavy metal that is part Paradise Lost, part Wayne’s World.

“A unique, inventive collection of short stories from an exciting new writer! A very enjoyable read, easy to read and cleverly written. Highly recommended!”
“The five stories masterfully blend horror material with humor and outright absurdity.”
– T. Weber.