Gothic Wedding Planner

Gothic Wedding Planner

The Grymm & Epic Gothic Wedding Planner is the ONLY Wedding Planner exclusively about planning a wedding from the dark side. And it’s written by me – a gothic bride-to-be, just like you – struggling through the harsh and stressful reality of wedding planning. And look what I managed to cobble together..

Our Medieval Heavy Metal Wedding, November 2008 – A Perfect Day

Our guests arrived at the haunted mental asylum, where they entered a multi-coloured circus tent and witnessed our candlelit ceremony. While we had our photos taken, wine and nibbles circulated and the Asylum staff ‘entertained’ our guests.

My husband wore a replica Viking sword which we used to cut the cake.

My beautiful red gown retailed at $2000, but cost me a fraction of that. I wore a gold and red Elvin tiara and carried a brass lantern.

We designed the rings ourselves, following a traditional Saxon design.

The groomsmen wore velvet cloaks of different colours and carried swords. My bridesmaids wore medieval dresses they chose themselves – each reflecting their unique personalities. They looked stunning with their curled hair and headdresses.

Our guests enjoyed a full buffet meal and dessert served by costumed staff. I’ve never eaten such delicious food! We served themed wines and cocktails. A witches’ cauldron sat in the corner of the room, ready to reviece gifts and kind wishes. We held the greatest party our guests had EVER been too. One guest said, “No one can ever get married now – they’ve got so much to live up to! This was so awesome.”

We did all this for under A QUARTER of the cost of the average wedding. But it wasn’t easy.

Planning a successful wedding takes hard work and dedication. In seventeen months I taught myself everything about event planning. I scoured online sources and chatted to other brides. I chased vendors, compared prices, cut corners and learnt every cost-cutting trick in the book. I spent hours researching weddings. And now I’m sharing all my hard work with you.

In the Grymm & Epic Gothic Wedding Planner you’ll learn:

  • The ONE thing you need to do before you make ANY plans.
  • The FOUR biggest planning mistakes couples make, and how to AVOID them.
  • The THREE things you MUST have at a Wedding.
  • My foolproof Budget Calculation Formula for any wedding style.
  • FOURTEEN tips to accelerate your wedding savings.
  • TEN-step method for planning your wedding during economic recession
  • Unique gothic wedding theme ideas to get your creativity started!
  • The ONE rule that saved me hours of hassle and hurt feelings over the GUESTLIST
  • TWENTY-ONE questions you MUST ask your vendor
  • And OVER 101 IDEAS to add gothic and alternative touches to your wedding

What Gothic Brides are Saying …

“I couldn’t have planned our wedding without it. Finally, a book for us brides of the night!” – Amy

“It was worth it for the free directory alone – I’ve found my dress, garter and wedding rings from sites Steff suggested. I never would have found my dream dress without the Gothic Wedding Planner.” – Katie

“Stupendous book – tells it like it is and really helped me get over my nervousness about subjecting my conventional family to our rather unconventional cemetery wedding.” – Morticia

“Awesome planner! Very helpful! So much info! Thanks!” – Lisa

The Grymm & Epic Gothic Wedding Planner costs only  $19 USD! That’s one large pizza, five coffees or nine candy bars. It’s not much to get started on the wedding of your dreams! (or do I mean nightmares?)

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