October 18, 2010

Link it up a notch

Linking Horn

Linkin’ up the interwebs before I go off to watch Outrageous Fortune and work on my picture for a design competition.

Weird and wonderful jewelry featuring taxidermy by Julia deVille


Talon rings and other unusual pieces by danielle nicole hills

I also think these talon rings by Danielle Nicole Adornments look amazing. Bird forms seem to be big in jewelry at the moment – wings, talons, eyes, etc. I’m not complaining.

I wasn’t there (boo) but Metallica performed Orion at the Auckland show this week

I’m still loving all the abandoned places photographed at WebUrbanist. This week: Abandoned bowling alleys. Have you ever been bowling? I have been three times. The first time, I went with my family, and I don’t remember how I did, but it can’t have been that well, since I can’t see the pins. The second time, I went with some friends, and I think I scored 4 points the entire night, and we went with the bogans a couple of years ago for my birthday, and we all had a wicked good time. The bowling alley was run by one of those Asian game places, so they had all the lights down low and lots of black lights, and I OWNED that game. I didn’t win, but I DID get a strike. And I didn’t lose. A STRIKE, people. It was awesome. I did a little dance.

The Art of Cutting Leaves. So pretty.

If I were allowed to drive a motorcycle, (which I’m not, and you can all be thankful for it), I would want a helmet like these

I don’t wear makeup, but some of you ladies might like glittersniffer cosmetics. (Why don’t I wear makeup, I hear you ask? Ever seen a blind girl repeatedly stab herself in the eye with a pencil? Yeah, no depth perception, no color-vision … I best stick to the “natural” look, methinks)

Marie-Antoinette Rock’n’Roll wedding shoot. Extravagant and awesome, just how I like it.

Planning a Halloween party or heavy metal birthday party? You want some of these creepy halloween foods.


And lastly, the fashion blogging world (of which I am not cool enough to be a part of :P) is all a-flutter because Gala Darling turned off her comments. Not necessarily because Gala is a big name (she’s not, compared to others like Susie Bubble and Rumi) but because it’s raised a lot of questions about online communities. Personally, I find it a very weird decision, especially the way Gala explains it, and I can’t say I’d ever, EVER consider it myself. What say you? I know Jane from Sea of Shoes turned hers off awhile ago, but her blog was more just people saying “cute” shoes. Do you think comments add much to the discussion on blogs? What about different kinds of blogs – fashion, music, lifestyle, business? Would you stop reading a blog if they turned off comments? Do you read the comments here at Steff Metal? (I always do :) I love you guys. You say such interesting and awesome things).

Hail and Kill!

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