May 10, 2010

Linking Horn for 10 May, 2010

Linking Horn, Plunder


Anamorphic art greets commuters in Toronto

We have just got back from dropping my mum off at the airport. Had a lovely weekend with her – a big group of friends got together to have Mongolian for dinner and then see a local theatre group perform Terry Pratchett’s Maskerade as a theatre play. It was hilarious, as is expected of Terry Pratchett. He’s one of my mum’s favorite authors so I treated her for mother’s day.

I freaken love anamorphic art. It’s those paintings on streets and walls that look like weird splodges till you see them from just the right angle, and then they’re awesome. Here are some rad examples of Anamorphic art from the Toronto subway.

May Is Zombie Awareness Month. In honor of this important movement the Zombie Research Society are giving away a different zombie-themed item every day. I missed the first week (damn) but don’t think I won’t be over there adding my name in for some zombie swag.

Via Blabbermouth. By day, Thomas Gurrath, 29, is a trainee teacher in politics, history and ethics at Hegel Gymnasium in Stuttgart. By night, he is Thomas “The Bloodbeast” Gurrath, frontman of Debauchery, the goriest gore metal band to ever gore up the German city. But alas, Gurrath has been told he must choose the children or the metal. I’m interested to hear what you guys think about this – should a man fronting a gore metal band be allowed to teach school kids?

Wedding stuff: a Dia de los Muertos vow renewal. Black Boots in the snow7 (just a really cool photo shoot). Pretty picture (inked couple looking hot).

Ronnie James Dio has taken a turn for the worse and had to cancel all of Heaven and Hell’s summer shows. So if you were looking forward to seeing them at Bloodstock … sad face L. He says:

Wendy, my doctors and I have worked so hard to make it happen for all of you, the ones we care so much about, that this setback could be devastating, but we will not let it be. With your continued love and support, we will carry on and thrive. There will be other tours, more music, more life and much more magic.

Over on Reign in Blonde, Angela discusses artists who take their band names from the song titles of other bands.

New Collection from Complex Geometries. I love how these outfits look like the latest designs in Mad Cultist Garb.

Do you long for the day when robots and androids walk among us? It’s already here.

For random décor items and steampunk misc., try the Victorian Trading Company.

Gossip Girl star (and frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless, who are apparently some kind of emo band) Taylor Momsen wearing an Iron Maiden shirt. At least she’s not throwing the goat.

Apparently, New York City is one of the most linguistically diverse cities on earth. You can hear over 800 languages – some, like Vlashki, Garifuna, Mamuju, Gaelic and Romany.  The Endangered Language Alliance attempts to document and preserve them all. As a person who has spent a significant period of her life studying French, German, two ancient languages (Greek and Egyptian Hieroglyphs) and one invented language (Quenya) I find this article rather fascinating.

Latex designs including a latex wedding dress from Etsy sellers Creative CHAOS Designs.

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Lucy Manalo
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Wow! Thanks for posting my snow shoot! ;) If you like that…maybe you will like my Dia De Los Muertos Shoot: Have an awesome day ;)

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