April 11, 2010

Linking Horn: 11 April 2010

Linking Horn

I should have finished my novel edits yesterday, except I popped on Skype quickly to chat to my BFF Shane, and three hours later CDH came in to tell me he needed some dinner. “It’s … like, 3 o’clock!” I cried. “Why do you want dinner now?”

He pointed out the window at the setting sun, and traded jibes with Shane while I got the dinner on. So yeah, not as much work done as I would have liked, but I’m on track to finish tonight or tomorrow night.

In metal news, Horse the Band have changed their name to “Wicked Decision”. Why? Well, here’s vocalist Nathan Winneke:

After touring Africa for the last two weeks we have had some profound experiences and decided we wanted a name that better expressed how we feel inside. We felt that it was time for our name to start expressing genuine emotion. We felt for too long we have let people criticize us for our name alone and its abstraction. It has become clear to us after 10 years. Our new name is Wicked Decision. We want people to know we are serious about our music..”

As Julia from Reign in Blonde points out, this is not such a wicked decision, as Horse the Band was a fucking cool name.

Also, Sepultura are making their next tour carbon-neutral, and Slayer’s Tom Araya can no longer headbang following surgary. It sure is a weird week in metal.

Speaking of weird, have you ever heard of Hevisaurus, the Finnish metal band for children who dress up in dinosaur costumes? No, neither had I.


Artwork by Santos

8 Unconventional Ways to be Buried. Although “technically” none of these are burials, you know what they mean. I like the idea of incorporating my ashes into fireworks to let off at the end of an epic party, although I am quite taken by the pencial box. CDH wants to be entombed in a burial mound with his drumkit.

DIY from Haute Macabre – chain harness and chain heels.

I always love I Want Your Skull for introducing me to amazing metal artists and designers. Meet Santos, creative mind behind artwork for Sun O))), High on Fire, Kylessa, Neurosis and Cathetar. He doesn’t use a computer to create these amazing compositions (I’m with you there, dude!). More of his work available on his website.

An excellent article from The Positivity Blog on How to Get Started Making a Positive Change in Your Life.


Dictator Baby

Artist Nina Maria Klevian’s “Potency” explores the meaning of evil, by dressing her daughter Faustina up in the guises of various ruthless dictators. Isn’t Faustina just the most metal girl’s name ever?

Steampunk bridal / boudoir photo shoot from Rock n’ Roll bride.

12 Ingenious technologies for the blind. I thought this might be interesting for some of you, as I do sometimes get strange questions about what it’s like to be blind and how I do this and how I do that. This article makes a lot of these things sound like they’re new, but – while these particular prototypes may be new – most of these devices have been around for years. Decades even. Tactile flashcards are nothing new (I make things like this at work), and I’ve used Braille and talking watches for years. The Braille e-book isn’t new, but this one is a lot less bulky than any I’ve ever seen.

Julia from Reign in Blonde laments the fact she’s seen Phish (gag) more times than any metal band. Metalheads who date non-metalheads can sympathise with her situation.

How was your weekend?
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