November 15, 2009

Linking Horn for 15 November, 2009

Linking Horn

Raise your fists for a little Linking Horn action from around the interwebs. I had cool pictures to add but WordPress doesn’t like pictures today. Grrr.

7 Wonders of the (Un)dead world: Global Ossuaries from Web Urbanist. Also, an article on the 10 most haunted castles.

 Under Attack baby doll t-shirt.

Shoe-obsessed women actually want to WEAR Alexander McQueen’s Aliens. Do you need any further proof that women are crazy? I think not.

Obituary Guitarist Trevor Peres has released a line of BBQ sauce: T-Bone’s Famous Original Rib’licious Bar-B-Que Sauce’. I was expecting something more along the lines of “Hellbound Grymly Malicious Sauce of the Fiery Abyss,” but whatever.

Favorite from My Life is Average this week:

Today, I was riding the bus. The only other person riding it was a pleasant looking old woman sitting in the back. As I settled in for the ride, I heard deathcore music start to play. I turned around to see who it was, and saw that the old woman had put on headphones and was headbanging with her eyes closed. She got off at the next stop, and as she passed me she grinned and told me to rock on. She is my new definition of awesome. MLIA

Sarah from Yes and Yes has done it again. A wicked article about Who We Are vs. What We Do.

Embroidery fans (or which I am one) will want to check out Aubrey Longley-Cook, a stitcher from Atlanta, Georgia who creates beautiful and slightly macabre skeleton designs. He also writes a kickass blog named Spool Spectrum.

Gorgeous art from Belgium illustrator Raphael Vicenzi.

From where else but WebUrbanist, a roundup of Steampunk Guitars.

Black Metaller caught at McDeaths on Goths in Hot Weather.

That’s all in the Linking Vault this week. I had a kickass weekend and have a post and some pics to share with you tomorrow, but until then, stay tr00.

Hail and Kill \m/