January 17, 2011

Linking Horn: 17 Jan 2011

Linking Horn, Makes me Giggle

Seven things I need to know I learned from Punk Rock. Also, in a similar vein, I recently wrote a guest post on Ilana Burke’s fantasmic blog Makeness called “How to be a Bad-Ass in Business and in Life“.


Frankensteinia – the mad doctor and his monster often get the bum end of the stick next to the vampire and the warewolf, but now they’ve got an incredible site filled with all things Frankenstein, including some stunning artwork.

This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post – read this, and the comments. It cracked me up.

Bio-hacking – the art of placing little magnets and other miscellany under your skin in order to allow you to feel electromagnetic fields. which is a useful skill and all, but STILL …

Brit Tom Scotney will be appearing on Mastermind to answer questions about his favorite topic … Iron Maiden.

“I had a face-to-face interview and had to choose my specialist subject. There are lots of rules and you can’t have anything that’s been done in the last two or three years.

“I’ve always been an IRON MAIDEN fan, although I’ve been told I don’t look like one, which I think is meant to be a compliment.

“I’ve seen them live four or five times and doing this gave me an excuse to listen to all the albums again. I also read about half a dozen biographies of the band, which were, without exception, terrible, and I had the songs on shuffle on my iPod for quite a while.”

Tom isn’t the first dude to answer metal questions on Mastermind. Here’s a clip of Ian Volante in 2009 answering some tough Metallica questions.

Although, to be fair, I knew most of these.

I hope he does as well as Rachel Hobbs.

Trompe L’oeil: Artistic Wall Murals that bend Reality.


Trompe L'oeil

An interesting report by Nielsen and Midem about online music consumption habits. I find it interesting how many people still consume music through music videos. I love them, personally, but I’ve been told it’s a bit of a dying out. The research points to the fact that people are still largely not paying for downloaded music.

Cave houses! I like.

The dude who recently wrote that book about Metallica (you know the one) was quoted as saying St. Anger is “A work of Art.” So far, he’s the only person I’ve ever heard say that. A piece of work, yes …

Ulcerate: The Destroyers of All. Free fucking brutal NZ metal – you know you want it.

The Geekiest Concept Albums of All Time. Look who’s number ten? Ooh, and number three and number five? And just when I was thinking of doing a concept album feature, too …

A humorous video from Daniel Radcliffe.

That’s all from the linking front this week. What are you all up to? I’m quite excited, as this weekend, I’m off to a jousting tournament (no, I’m not competing). There will be lots of photos and mead and dead animals on a spit.

Hail and Kill!