May 18, 2010

Linking Horn: 18 May 2010

Linking Horn, Plunder

A quick Linking Horn today. I am snowed under with work and it is cold here and I am still sad about Dio.


Range of Postcards available in the Steff Metal shop

WebUrbanist continues to be one of the few blogs who post something I’m dying to read every single day. Here’s 10 Most Amazing Ancient Objects of Mystery. The most mysterious thing I ever dug up was a squashed bullet casing.

Download Festival in the UK is renaming their second stage the “Dio Stage“.

From Rock n Roll Bride, Night of the Living Wed. Also, congrats to my wonderful friends, Tim and Tarah, who got engaged! You guys are awesome and are so wonderful together!

10 Tips for Marketing Your Books online. This applies to marketing anything online.

Bones of War: Haunting Skeleton photography.

I am about to place a HUGE order at Steampunk Couture. I bet, after you look, you will too.

Urgh, sorry, yes that was super short. If anyone wants to come over and do my work for me, you’re more than welcome.

Urgh \m/
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