April 19, 2010

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Abandoned roofs, tunnels and spaces

Metal Sucks have posted a very depressing graph about how many albums / downloads an artist needs to sell in order to make minimum wage. I totally feel for you guys – a graph about writers would look very, very similar. However, keep in mind that nowadays most musicians make the majority of their fortunes playing live, selling merch, earning sponsorship, teaching clinics, and creating / selling other products. I would like to point you to this article written by Amanda Palmer on some of her money-making schemes.

If I had a spare $905 lying around (who EVER has a spare $905 lying around) I would want to buy this Literature Noir vest. (or, you know, spend it on rent. Or Wacken tickets. Or whatever). 

A few words of wisdom from one of my childhood favorites (aside from Snoopy, that is. Snoopy gave me my first ever job aspiration – to be a WWII Flying Ace) Winnie the Pooh’s guide to happiness.

The Critical Fashion Lovers Guide to Cultural Appropriation. I found this article to be particularly interesting. While the focus is on racial issues, particularly native American fashion, the author touches on many of the subcultural appropriations we can relate to. Metalheads and various alternative subcultures have dealt with cultural appropriation before (or misappropriation – see Take Back the Horns. And what about all those “vintage” Iron Maiden and Motley Crue tees showing up in high street stores a few years ago? What about Doc Martins?) I remember how outraged my husband was when he saw some of the pictures on Take Back the Horns (seriously. He has a whole rant about it. It’s so cute), and I’m trying to imagine what that feels like after hundreds or thousands of years of racial or cultural tension. This article does a very good job of addressing the issues around cultural appropriation in fashion. I may write an article on this in future. 

Gothic Faery Victorian wedding.

From the ever amazing Yes and Yes: True Story: I am a female wildfire fighter. Now that is metal. 

In metal news, Metallica’s James Hetfield will appear in a documentary about absent fathers. Also, the Iron Maiden documentary “Flight 666” was named “music DVD of the year” at the Juno awards.

Maryland’s Primativity have just released a full-length album Primativity Plays Megadeth for Cello, featuring cello compositions of everyone’s favorite Megadeth classics “Symphony of Destruction”, “Hanger 18”, “A Toute le Monde”, etc. If you’re a fan of Finland’s Apocalyptica, you will probably enjoy hearing these remarkably compositions. 

Eric from Baroque, Bleak, Brutal reminds us how awesome Amon Amarth are.

A new metal cookbookMosh Potatoes – Recipes, Anecdotes And Mayhem From The Heavyweights Of Heavy Metal – written by Steve Seabury, features kitchen magic from Zakk Wyle, Rex from Pantera, Dreamtheater, Type O Negative, Anthrax, Lamb of God and Lita Ford. The book comes out from Simon and Schuster in November this year, so hopefully I’ll snag some copies to give away. 

From WebUrbanist, these amazing pictures of roof and Tunnel hacking – abandoned places and urban adventuring.

What are you reading this week?

Snoopy Dance of Death \m/
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