January 3, 2010

The First Linking Horn of 2010

Tr00 Metal Life

It’s 2010 and already the internets is abuz with wonder and amazement. Marvel at these curiosities, wonder at their awesomeness, and discuss their kreigness in the comments!

the ballroom of the Plaza Hotel, Detroit, abandoned and forgotten.

Did you know that over a THIRD of Detroit’s homes are abandoned? Many of their old, beautiful hotels lie in disrepair. io9 show us a series of abandoned hotel photos. Stunning.

I’ve been trying to steer clear of those insipid “best of 2009” and “best of the decade” lists that have been doing the rounds of all the kreig music blogs, but I’ve found a couple that pique my interest. Cosmic Hearse has posted one of THE BEST 100 Greatest Albums of the Last Decade, with appearances from Slough Feg, Agalloch, Xasthur, Enslaved and Sixx. NO CLEAN SINGING has been filling us in on their picks of the 10 Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs of 2009, and I must say I agree 90% with their choices. And lastly, spinelanguage has been filling us in with a post a day on their top 100 metal albums of All Time, and I really liked their list too, with Astarte, Strapping Young Lad, Arch Enemy, Wolves of the Throne Room and Behemoth.

If Star Wars Was on Facebook.

I want your skull featured John Dyer Baizley, a Georgian artist famed for his work on album covers for Pig Destroyer, Kylesa, Darkest Hour, Famine, Skeletonwitch, Black Tusk and his own band, the kick ass Baroness. You can find more of his work on John’s Myspace page.

Rock n Roll bride gives us the beautiful Goth Girl in the Snow photoshoot.

Video Game Controller Cookies. Oh nom nom nom.

Also from NO CLEAN SINGING, Burning the Goat at Christmastime. Another reason why Swedes are fucking awesome.

This is Star posted a rather interesting article about a collaboration between the groups Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse. While that in itself probably won’t interest you, the concept behind the album might. It’s called Dark Light of the Soul, and is being released as a beautiful art book and features cameos by Iggy Pop, the Flaming Lips and Nina Perasson, to name a few. BUT due to a dispute with their record label, the album can’t actually be released. HOWEVER, if you go to the official website you can buy the Dark Light of the Soul book with a blank recordable CD, and the words “for legal reasons, this CD contains no music. Use it as you will.” The artist encourages the listener to find the material by any means necessary. This fascinates me. There’s interaction involved, and the process of actually obtaining the music falls directly into the consumer’s hands. Is this a good thing? a trend? An interesting avant-garde experiment? Star is right in saying it reminds her of bootlegging tapes and going to secret underground shows. It’s rad. I like it.

Christmas Conversation with My 4 Year Old. This is made of awesome.

Ann Sophie Back 2009

via Reign in Blonde, it seems Dani Filth has moved into high fashion. Designer Ann-Sophie Back created this take on the popular “Jesus is a Cunt” t-shirt (which I hate, btw. I think it’s deliberately antagonistic, but that’s Cradle of Filth for ye). The rest of her collection is also pretty awesome – very freaky. She’s just been made creative director of Cheap Monday’s, which makes me a very happy metalhead.

I will be doing ALL my online shopping at Acrimony from now on. (psst, they’re selling Ann-Sophie Back!) Yum.

And that’s all for this week, folks. I’ve got some wicked ass bad articles in the works, which I’ve been writing instead of editing my novel, so keep it locked to the blog. I hope your new year has been amazing, and I look forward to hearing about your plans for 2010. Shoot me an email if ever you need to talk!

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January 4, 2010 at 1:32 am

Fuck, what was I smoking? I swear I wrote “Strapping Young Lad”. Sorry dude, it’s changed now.

January 3, 2010 at 3:37 pm

…There were 2 per day until the top 5. And Strapping Young Lad made the list, not The Devin Townsend Project

January 3, 2010 at 1:49 pm

Very cool of you to mention our 10 Most Infectious List and the Burning Goat post! And we’re lucky to have discovered steffmetal in the process! \m/

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