November 22, 2009

Linking Horn for 22 November, 2009

Linking Horn

Chuch Norris Action Jeans \m/

Chuch Norris Action Jeans \m/

Linking Horn ahoy!

I had an awesome time at the cemetery picnic this weekend, despite getting horrendously sunburned on one thigh only (how did that happen?) We had two gatecrashers – a delightful pair of tourists strolling through the neighbourhood who stopped to eat cake and admire my friend’s tattoos. Totally kreig \m/

Article from fab steampunk author Cherie Priest on how to steam up your old goth wardrobe.

If you love awesomely dark papercraft of any sort, you want to check out scrapbooking maverick Barb Foster’s new blog Haunted Design House. Filled to bursting with creative cards, invitations and art projects, the blog also features Macabre Monday, a weekly design challenge.

Via Haunt Style, a beautiful Heart of Glass made by artist Melanie Fontaine.

Tim Challies writes a query and exerpt from the greatest Christian novel ever written. Yes, it DOES feature amish vampires.

Apparently, it’s now possible for even vegetarians to have their steak and eat it too. Scientists can now grow meat in labs. Its Transmetropolitan come to life.

Frock and Roll writes about kickass ways to survive the daily commute.

Icecreamlandia comics. I loves them, and you will too.

Via WebUrbanist, Ten Magnificently Modern Musical Instruments. Will you be incorporating the Hydraulophone into your symphonic death metal band any time soon?

Axe murderer Cruisine, by Kittiwat Unarrom

Whew, there’s a lot of awesome on the net this week! What are you lot reading – hook me up!

Horns up \m/

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November 23, 2009 at 8:11 am

Chuck Norris Action Jeans are awesome! haha

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