January 24, 2010

Linking Horn, 24 Jan 2010

Linking Horn, Plunder

These Linking Horns keep getting longer and longer.

As I sat on the park bench in my Chuck Taylors and Buddy Holly glasses, cup of coffee in one hand, cigarette hanging from my mouth and a battered copy of “On the Road” on my knees, I felt I was trying way too hard. One Sentance


From CakeWrecks (my favorite food blog), when Mario Marries. Also in wedding-related awesome, the unbelievably lovely faery wedding (it’s not an actual wedding, but a photo shoot, and it is stunning. I bet everyone in Blind Guardian got married in a wedding like this.)

So, I saw Avatar the other weekend, and I didn’t think much of it. Possibly it’s because I’m blind, and although it was pretty, it wasn’t SO pretty to make up for it’s gross shortcomings – cardboard characters, rehashed, sickly plot, excessive length. So I lolled, I lolled a lot, when I read this essay on reasons I laughed out loud, offending several fellow patrons, during the major motion picture Avatar. Props to Sady of Tiger Beat Down for the awesome.

Cosmic Hearse has the Carcass Tools of the Trade EP. Very cool.

Haute Macabre informs us Bondage Pants are in. Now this is what I like to hear. My favorite bondage pants are from Black Market Baby. Also, a little metal fashion from Reign in Blonde.

Long coats are not genre-specific.


Hairless Cat

WebUrbanist never, ever fails to disappoint. 52 photos of a poisoness, abandoned factory. This building is in Warsaw, Poland, and it’s beautiful and eerie and deadly.

A fantastic fashion editorial from Dazed and Confused Feb 2010, inspired by Edward Scissorhands, from Rakk and Ruin.

BookBook for your MacBook. I love how arcane this looks. If I had a Mac laptop, which I might one day, I would sooooo be all over this.

A analysis of cookies baked and decorated to represent various Lady Gaga outfits. Mostly, I put this in for my friend Jess. Hi Jess! Also, boy howdy does Lady Gaga have some wicked outfits.

I’ve been a participant in the Operation Beautiful project for a few months now. If you’re a lady wanting to spread some love to other lasses the world over, check it out.

Wicked Plants – a book of flora that just wants to maim, kill and eat you. Another great book is Grimmer Tales – cartoons illustrating the messy aftermath of classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes, like the Cow Jumped Over the Moon.

Owl in Flight. Stunning.

That’s all for now. An article tomorrow, I promise!

Horns Up \m/

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