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The End of History. At 55% alcohol, this brewdog beer is currently the world's strongest

Shane Blay of the band Oh, Sleeper wrote an interesting piece over on Metal Injection about Why Mid-Level Artists Cannot Make Money. He calculates each band member makes around $13 a day on tour, which, while it’s a profit, I guess, it’s not going to pay your mortgage. This was very eye-opening for me, to see touring from the eye of a musician.

However, SOME musicians are still making money touring. AC/DC’s Black Ice tour was the second-highest grossing tour in history, after the Rolling Stone’s 2005-7 “A Bigger Bang” tour.

3D Iron Maiden cover on this month’s Metal Hammer. I won’t be buying it, cuz I can’t see 3D, but I’m sure it’s rather tempting.

Miley Cyrus’ Iron Maiden Tee. Elise is right – this is the sort of thing that makes people mad for no reason. It makes my husband really mad – which I think is kind of adorable. I think it’s because, to metalheads, music means the absolute world. To some people, Iron Maiden isn’t just a band or a t-shirt company, they’re a powerful force in their lives. And they don’t want “trendies” getting their hands on that shit and making it “hip”. Now, I agree with Elise on this one – who are we to say that Miley Cyrus can’t wear a Maiden shirt? For all we know, she could be a total Maiden fan. But, I get why it makes people angry.

Also, I was in Supre looking for socks the other day and saw a horrible “metal” shirt which was essentially a Pantera album cover with “Panther” or something like that written across the top in the Iron Maiden font. Terrible. I wish I’d taken a picture.

If you’re like me, and you need money to fix your Mac because you accidentally inserted an SD card into the CD Drive … (no one? Just me, than. SIGH), You might like to know how to find unclaimed money.

Edward Gorey, the Trouble with Tribbles

Kevin McLeod should visit these folks: Life in a Missile Silo Home.

10 Common Spelling Mistakes That Haunt Bloggers. I am so guilty of “who’s/whose”, and a few others on occasion. Don’t sweat it too much. Mistakes happen.

I also really liked this article in the Harvard Business Review: Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life.

Vampire Scout Merit Badges. So cute.

This week on the blog I am tacking a controversial topic … no, not the oil spill, or the economic downturn or the merits of chasing tornadoes with video cameras … I want to spend some time discussing “White Metal” or metal music by Christian bands. Are you guys keen? First article will be up tomorrow.

Up the Irons!

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