September 28, 2010

Linking Horn 27 September 2010

Linking Horn


Asher Levine 2011 (via HauteMacabre) This creeps me out - looks super fun to wear, though.

Simone Simons has a fashion blog! She is such a cutie :)

On the Tor blog, “Rocked by a Zombie – the Undead Playlist“. I’m not gonna lie – I had hardly heard of any of these bands, but a few gems (and a mention to St. Vitus’ “Zombie Hunger”. I can never get enough of Pet Semetary by the Ramones.

So you’re going to Wacken. Muertos has written one of the best advice articles I’ve read so far … and that’s including my own. (If you want to read a not-quite-so-good article, check out my Summer festival Survival Guide)

A very interesting and well-maintained site on metaphysics, occultism, sentientism and metamorphosis, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I am seriously thinking of getting a Tardis dress – so cute! Tara Reich’s Doctor Who couture.

Classics Geeks Ahoy – 15 Amazing Roman Aquaducts! I am probably the only one here who thinks Aquaducts are cool. The network of aquaducts built to bring water to the furthest reaches of the Roman empire represent an engineering phenomenon practically unrivaled until the Industrial Revolution. These water conduits went deep underground, spanned rivers, gorges and valleys, and stood at times over 100 feet tall. Dudes, Romans are fucking krieg.

A classically-trained singer reviews five of our favourite metal musicians … and she’s not impressed with Ozzy. This article only proves what we’ve all known for years. Metal is full of talented musicians who will never receive the critical acclaim they rightly deserve.

Buchstabenmuseum – or the Museum of Letters in Berlin – is now on my must-see list. The museum contains giant letters that used to be part of billboards and business signage.

A Shining-Inspired Goth Glam Wedding.

And, my favourite metal lads over at No Clean Singing did a great round-up of banjo-metal bands.

That’s all for tonight folks. I’m going away on a much needed mini-vacation this week, so I’m queuing up a couple of articles, but expect all to be a little quiet on the Steff Metal front.

Love, lust and puddin’ crust

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