February 28, 2010

Linking Horn: 28 Feb 2010

Linking Horn, Makes me Giggle


Church of Our Lady (Dresdon) and Flatiron Building lego sculptures

Femme Falate, shot by Patrick Demarcheliar for Vogue Germany (August 2009). Warning: bondage themes and not safe for work. If this is the usual caliber of shoots, I am looking forward to reading Vogue Germany when I eventually move there. A lot of the accessories on this shoot were from Fleet Ilya,

If you’re an urban fantasy / paranormal romance writer with a finished manuscript, Guide to Literary Agents blog is running a “Dear Lucky Agent” competition. Submit the first 150-200 words of your unpublished, book length work of urban fantasy / paranormal romance (adult or YA) and blog / tweet about the contest. You can win a critique of your work by an agent, or a one-year subscription to I’ll be entering, for sure.

From Rock n’ Roll bride, November Rain: a Guns n’ Roses themed wedding.

Liz, from The Devil Music, has just finished reading Ozzy’s autobiography. She recommends picking up the book if you’re interested in Ozzy’s life. Here’s the guts of her review:

My impression is of a unintelligent,lovable, ordinary man put in extraordinary situations and ingesting tons of substances to cope with those situations.

From Cosmic Hearse, SubArachnoid Space are the best and longest running instrumental cinematic post-rock/prog band you have never heard of.

Denmark designer Alidra Alic’s new collection of Alice-inspired jewellery.

Bridges on the Body – a corsetry blog. Jo is sewing her way through every corset in Norah Waugh’s book “Corsets and Crinolines”. She says “When I complete this challenge I hope to be able to say, ‘yeah I can sew’ and ‘yeah, I know a bit about corsets’.

Misguided – a UK fashion site which might be of interest. I am interested.

ProjectMetallica’s … And Justice for Jason project seeks to answer the eternal question plaguing metalheads worldwide – what if Metallica had never dropped the bass from … and justice for all? The answer is: quite awesome, actually. The remasters aren’t that great – the bass is purposely turned up too loud, but it does give you an idea of what’s actually going on in bass-guitar land. ProjectMetallica’s youtube channel features bass-restored versions of “blackened”, “one”, “eye of the beholder” and “… and justice for all”, and the rest are being added slowly.

31 Incredible Examples of Lego Architecture

Axe-murderer chic

Did you ever read those Fear Steet books by R. L. Stine when you were a teen? Well, I did, and so I have to laugh at this excellent Fear Street blog which reviews these old favorites and exposes them for the horrid, insipid and totally not-scary books they were. They’ve just reviewed R. L. Stine’s comical book How I Broke Up With Ernie.

That’s all for this week. If you have anything else to link to, post in the comments!

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