November 8, 2009

Linking Horn for 8 November, 2009

Linking Horn

I am pleased to report that CDH and I got the house we wanted, and will be moving in 18 days. CDH, being the pessimistic bastard that he is, assumed we would never get this house, since it was the nicest one we looked at, and half of Auckland wanted it also. But we did. It goes to show what a little positive thinking (on my part) and a heck of a lot of praying to various deities, can achieve.

Photos of my brand new office / studio (yay so excited) as soon as I’ve moved in.

In other, internet-related news:

For the vampires among you, a caffeinated energy drink that looks like a bag of blood. Blood Caffeinated Energy Drink has the same consistency of blood, and contains many of same nutrients – iron, protein, electrolytes … caffeine. I love the cute re-sealable transfusion-style packaging. Rad or creepy? You decide.

For the metalhead who doesn’t want to carry his Flying V everywhere he goes, I present the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt. It’s a t-shirt with an in-built electric guitar.

Drop Dead Gorgeous: Ten Tombstones to Die For from WebUrbanist. I love the scrabble tile mosaic and the photo-realistic ones.

The latest blog burning up my Google Reader is My Life Is Average. Here’s why:

Today, on the bus, I saw a little girl go up to an old man wearing an eye patch. She asked him if he was a pirate. He silently opened up his bag and showed her a stuffed parrot, and put his finger to his lips. She nodded, and walked away. MLIA

Read about the life of famous Bristol tattooing family BTC Bristol Tattoo Club / the Skuse Family. Generations of Killer Ink.

Sarah Von from Yes and Yes wrote a great article on Decayed Elegance on Code for Something.

From Chinashop, Gala Darling dishes her fashion round-up for 2009, and her predictions for 2010. Skinny jeans are on their way out – a shame, because I’ve only JUST found out that I love them.

Have you ever wanted to know what Stormtroopers do on their days off?

Until next post, gentle readers!
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