December 20, 2009

Linking Horn – Anti-Christmas Edition

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Mario's Closet, by Glen Brogan (via Gameovr)

In three days time CDH and I journey down the country to spend the holiday with my parents. Since they’re still on dial-up (my dad doesn’t believe in the internet), you won’t see many posts from me until after New Years. To sate your lust, here’s many, many great links from around the itnerwebs.

I am doing some edits to the website (in readiness for my product launch early next year). You might have noticed two new pages have appeared: Steff Metal’s Publications and the Steff Metal Archive. I haven’t got everything quite perfect yet, but feel free to peruse.

E. Bleak writes Positively Bleak: Grinning back from the Abyss – another fantastic heavy metal lifestyle blog. Read The Positively Bleak Guide to Metal Hair and Getting the GWAR off for some kreig advice.

Terry Border’s The Secret Life of Everyday things explores the idea of our possessions getting up to mischief while we’re a-sleeping. Border started by posting the photos of his little “bent objects” on his blog, but they became so popular he’s turned 70 of his funniest photographs into a book.

Apparently, it’s not impossible to pull down a six-figure salary selling crafts on Etsy. But it doesn’t sound like much fun.

No Clean Singing is writing a series of posts on the most brutal countries in the world. First on the block is Germany. In fact, Germany is so brutal, it gets two posts.

Things that go Hump in the Night.

Monster Cereal. Why yes, it is an entire blog dedicated to monster-themed cereal. Totally makes me giggle.

Spragwerk’s new jewelry collection – called “Tools of the Trade” – features meat hooks, torture implements and cleavers for Africa. Awesome.

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Anne Lappe

Billboard for St. Matthews in the City, Auckland NZ

This awesome billboard was erected by our very own St Matthew’s in the City. The billboard was meant to inspire critical thinking of the literalness of the Christmas story.

In other NZ news, the NZ Athiest Bus Campaign has raised over $20 000 to have it’s slogan “There’s Probably No God, so Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life” painted on the side of NZ buses. I wholeheartedly support this campaign, not because I’m an atheist but because I love the positivity of the message and I don’t believe it’s deliberately antagonistic towards those who do believe.

Yes and Yes encourages us to Give the gift of non-stuff. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Go to Metal Fairy Tales right now, and buy this:

Told in the fashion of a Grimms Fairy Tale, and originally written as a heavy metal musical (hell yes!), ‘The Windowmaker, the Codpiece and the Sex Gods from Planet Metal’, tells the story of Nestor, windowmaker to the King who’s enchanted codpiece is stolen by an evil wizard. After befriending some brave knights, the Sex Gods from Planet Metal, Nestor then embarks on a fantastic adventure to retrieve it, battling monstrous vegetables along the way and saving the Kings daughter from peril in the process

A fashion blog honours the metal jacket.

If you love Beatallica (and I do) you might get a kick out of For Whom the Bell Joels. Yes, that is heavy metal covers of Billy Joel songs. Apparently even Liberty Devitto (Joel’s drummer) thinks they’re fantastic, although we all know drummers don’t know shit about music.

Via Rakk and Ruin, Decarnin’s new collection – Royal Blood

Sparkle Mistress Tarina Tarintino’s steampunk collection. If you want to look like Gala Darling with a bit of an edge, this is for you.

There you go, my pretties! Merry Metal Christmas to you and a Headbanging New Year! \m/

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