March 8, 2011

Linking Horn: Back to the Linkture

Linking Horn

Wish eBay or TradeMe was more metal? HeavyMetalBay launched today – the auction site of ultimate kvltness (I think that would make a much better tagline than what they actually have, which is reason enough why all burgeoning metal companies should hire me as their marketing copywriter).


photo by Martino Zegwaard

Can you get rich as a self-published ebook author? I have always said “yes, as long as you’re not writing fiction.” Now, that might just be changing. Read about Amanda Hocking, who made a million bucks selling her fiction books last month.

For metal (or palaeontology) cake decoraters: bone sprinkles!

Pleasure Bound: The Victorian Era’s Kinky Side. SO much of this research is going to end up in one of my books …

Quite like the rustic, slightly twisted nature of this jewelry by Eily O’Connell.

10 Abandoned Psych Wards Photographers love sneaking into. I admit it, I am quite taken by “decay-porn”.

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