February 10, 2011

Linking Horn: Bringing back the Link

Linking Horn, Metal News

Right, yes, I’m sorry. I’m late. Sue me – I wrote millions of posts last week. MILLIONS. And I have been busy planning trips to Germany and having gelato dates and such. Also, I’m going to a mead-making workshop this weekend! I’m quite ridiculously excited.

In metal and other general internet news.

Gary Moore

RIP Gary Moore

Gary Moore died, which has made everyone quite sad. You can read some tributes from other musicians here, and have a look at Kirk Hammett’s in particular. Thin Lizzy was a huge part of my life growing up. I’m not writing much about this, because I’m still digesting it. A brilliant, inspiring guitarist.

Why do my youtube videos all have PS3 ads on them? Is this just me or is it everybody?

Also in recent deaths, Guitar Hero.

Rad Rebranding-how logos change over time. This was quite fascinating. You can see how graphics trends have really change over the last 100 years.

According the Metal Insider, album sales have reached an all-time low. I brought two new albums last week, so I’m not responsible!

Macabre Hotels.

Evil Prints – artwork by Tom Huck. This dude is one seriously wicked artist.

Moldy miniatures. Strangely intriguing.

I LOVE that there is an entire site dedicated to Ugly Dresses. I would wear a lot of these. See also – edible dresses.

Inside Ed Force One.

Metal belly dancing – innnnnteresting. Rob from That Devil Music is right – she looks quite bored, but I think, done with better sound and live, this would be pretty cool.

FYI – next year, I am ON this fucking boat.

What’s bringing joy and sunshine to your week?

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