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Brenocide is Back! And he’s channelling all his metal hatred into a worthy cause – painting Euronymous’ face on the side of a Norwegian Airplane.

TitanicVoyage. To commemorate the 100yr anniversary of the disaster, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has created a “live” twitter stream from the crew and famous passangers of the Titanic. Come April 15 we all know what’s going to happen …

I’ve just been producing a book on the Titanic at work, so this was particularly interesting to me. I think they’ve got the voices pretty well down. This is a bloody clever way to engage Social Media with history.

On Sunday, New Zealand’s left-hand give way rule changed to reflect overseas rules. “West Auckland Turning Rules” is probably the most hilarious thing ever, especially if, like me, you happen to be a Westie.

Last weekend I spearheaded a super-secret project for one of my other websites. Here’s a sneak peek:


And they were yum, too. (photo by Ryan Fogarty)

NCS strikes again with Rev. Wills Ritual Toolkit.

Robots of Brixton is a wicked little animated short film.

What are you doing for April 28, Obscura Day?

What are you reading this week?

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