March 6, 2012

Linking Horn: Links of the Irish

Linking Horn, Makes me Giggle


First up, Holier Than Thou records, who look after bands like The Massacre Cave and Exoterik, have started a new label for death metal bands. It’s called Death Metal United, and bands can email David direct at david AT deathmetal DOT org DOT uk.

Modern Castles: 7 Cool Converted Watertowers. By the end of the year, CDH and I hope to be on a serious hunt for our dream piece of land in the country. (Also, I will have chickens, but that’s a different story …). What we’re going to build is a secret, but we take a lot of inspiration from projects like these.

My column on Lip Service this month is all about Mosh-Pit Etiquette.

Metal Bandcamp is definitely going to be in my list for this year’s blogs to watch. I love the Bandcamp platform – so easy to read! clutter-free! Good for wonky eyes! – I do NOT have time to trawl through it looking for the gold. Metal Bandcamp’s chief music wrangler MaxR does seem to have the time, and it is to the betterment of everyone. Max has just added a Metal Labels on Bandcamp page, which will be updated regularly as more labels appear.

What is it with Maxs’ and metal? In my experience, all people in the world named Max seem to a) be awesome, and b) like metal. Max from dropped me a line this week and that reminded me I’ve been meaning to update my links page for a while now. Max and Co. write an awesome blog, and I hear they’re looking for a) contributors and b) bands to feature, so if you’re either of those things, you should consider getting in touch.

When we get our dream home built I am going to fill it with things like Killhouettes.

After killing it in 2010 with one of the best albums of the year, Blood of the Nations, Accept are back with a follow-up record that promises to be just as wicked. The new single, “Stalingrad” was released last week and I loves it, yes I does.

The Wicker Muppet – If you’re asking “hey, is that a Muppet’s version of the cult horror film “Wicker Man?” The answer is YES.

Also, here is “Iron Man” played on Tesla coils.

Natalie Zed interviews Guro Juul Andersen, editor of Metal Hammer Norway, and Zena Tsarfin,a prominent metal writer and blogger.

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Joshua Russell
March 10, 2012 at 12:05 am

They make Stalingrad sound like a cool place to visit. Probably a mistake

arnab mukherjee
March 8, 2012 at 4:45 am

hiiii…sorry for talkin so out of topic with referance to your current post…i just stumbledupon this site today…and girl…what a rockin job u r doing….i hail from india…so i dont even expect people around me to listen metal….i felt so stuck up regarding musical culture here…not dat i dont like hindustani classical music or folk …but .i wanted to discuss about metal with someone much more than i do with other virtual pals..u seem like d best ive stumbled upon… :) hope we can have a great time….\m/

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