August 30, 2011

Linking Horn: Master of Linkage

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Links for you, links for me, links for every-bo-ody!


Saying goodbye to our favorite Germans :(

Death Threats and Hate Crimes: Attacks on Women Bloggers Escalating: This is a post on Naomi Dunford’s blog. If you’ve never read Naomi, she is probably one of the coolest people online, ever. She’s a marketing genius, and she gives marketing advice to people with zero money, and her blog is filled with sex-shop analogies and enough swear words to make a metal blogger blush. And this is some serious shit. I’m adding this here because I had NO IDEA this kind of thing existed, and I think it’s important that you know, too.

Don’t Like the new Morbid Angel Album? No, neither did I. Well, Kay Goatlady has some advice for us.

Black Metal home decor? 16 Black House Designs.

Earache Records have a blog, Ask Earache, and it’s a fucking crack-up. How did I not know about this before now?

Mirrored Gate leads to Another World. I love this – the photos look so magical.

La Carmina explores the S&M hotel Dom Q Inn in Wisconsin. Loving the polar bear in the Northern Lights room!

13 Beautiful Historic Libraries.

Using the force … or not. The Place of Publicity in Contemporary Music Criticism. Leticia looks at the ins-and-outs of band publicity and whether a one-sheet is necessary.

From my favorite daily – the Daily Mash. Court forced to differentiate between competing voodoo.

And, having had my first IKEA experience in Germany last month, and acting EXACTLY like the person described in this article, I found this one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, ever. (also from the Daily Mash) IKEA Shoppers are Nazis, too, say experts.

Teen Vampire Arrested for Breaking, Entering and Feeding. After Twilight, this seems kinda lame.

The Lovecraft – a tea shop and bar in Oregon. Awesome. I have a friend in Oregon who I want to visit next year, and we are SO going here.



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