May 23, 2010

Linking Horn 23 May 2010

Linking Horn

abandoned Norwegian whaling vessel, Antarctica
abandoned Norwegian whaling vessel, Antarctica

abandoned Norwegian whaling vessel, Antarctica

Enter the Goatlady laments fluctuations in currency exchange rates when planning Grymm and Epic metal adventures! (I hear ya, missy!)

I continue my love of photography from abandoned places with this series of Antarctic Abandonments.

Metal style blog In Her Stilettos features some wicked metal / rock inspiration pics.

A disgusting piece of news reached me today. The Westboro Baptist Church – called “the most hated family in America” for their abhorrent treatment of and protests against homosexuality – intend to picket the memorial service of Ronnie James Dio. Ronnie’s late wife, Wendy, urges attendees to “turn the other cheek”.

Ronnie hates prejudice and violence! We need to turn the other cheek on these people that only know how to hate someone they didn’t know. We only know how to love someone we know!”

I am a firm believer in the right to protest and to free speech, but this is a memorial service for a family, friends and fans in mourning, and is not the time to make any kind of political, racial or religious statement. Metalheads wouldn’t show up to a pastor’s funeral blasting Bestial Holucaust and yelling about how he’d led you all from the true path … the path of Dio :).

Ronnie James Dio‘s public memorial service will be held on Sunday, May 30 at 2:00 p.m. at The Hall Of Liberty located at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, California. If you’re there, please go, and show the WBC how people SHOULD act at a memorial service.

Octopus Chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage. When we finally build our dream castle, I am having these in the library. Woah, tentacles!

Michelle at Wicked Whimsy is doing a series of posts about Neil Gaiman’s books, and to give everyone the necessary knowledge to better understand the series and Michelle’s arguments, she’s giving lessons on Paganism 101.

Jason Newstead’s first art exhibition opening was attended by Lars Ulrich. The exhibition – at the Micaëla Gallery (49 Geary Street) in San Francisco – runs until June 27. Newstead says:

“A white canvas is silence. I always played loud — (my) art is loud. It’s a direct transfer. I was always a team player. Now I’m the field goal kicker. I get the glory or I get the (blame).”

On leaving METALLICA:

“It took 10 years for me to decompress and come back down to the ground from all that. You have to have a purpose. That’s why people get (messed) up on drugs and alcohol. Because they don’t have a purpose.”

Read more at this location.

Also in Metallica news, the BIG FOUR at Sorisphere this year will be livecasting their shows to over 800 theaters worldwide.

Purple Rock n Roll bride with mohawk.

What are you reading about this week?

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