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Yes, another one. In honour of Alestorm, who’re playing at the Rising Sun in Auckland on Sunday night. I have my wench outfit all ready …


First, in Steff and steff-related news:

The first of my EPIC INTERROGATIONS is up on Grymm & EpicSam Browne runs findaband.co.nz and uses his creative business to fund his music. His band, Black River Drive, ain’t our kind of thing, but they’re still pretty big here in NZ and I learned a lot from Sam doing this interview. Feel free to read and comment if you’d like.

For last month’s article on the Lip Service webzine, I talked about Metal Style Icons.

I have brought a new domain – http://corpsepaintkitty.com – what do you think I should do with it?

And, on the rest of the internet:

The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck. This, right here, is universal truth.

Not that I have aspirations to be a model, but if you do, this was quite an interesting article on modeling basics. I didn’t know what they looked for wasn’t barbie good looks, but this certain type of bone-structure, and if you’ve got it, it doesn’t matter what else you have. (Also, my husband might be on NZ’s Next Top Model. In the background, making sparks. I will let you know if it transpires …)

Abandoned cities – been to a couple of these.

How a Cult Horror Starlet Became Mummified. Yvette Vickers, star of Attack of the 50-ft Woman, found mummified in her home. Creepy.

Urban Fairies – sightings of fairy doors.

Six-Degrees of Black Sabbath

Anti-Joke. “There’s an Irishman, a homosexual, and a Jew standing at a bar. What a fine example of an integrated community.”

If Harry Potter Had an MBA, including “7 Habits of Highly Submissive House Elves” and “Killing with Kindness: High-Performance Potions for Mid-Level Managers” by Dolores Umbridge.

13 Houses from Major Hollywood Films.

There’s a sequel!

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  1. zedkin says:

    I can’t stop laughing about the video….

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