July 12, 2011

Linking Horn – Not even remotely excited …

Linking Horn, Tr00 Metal Life

Nope, not in the slightest.


We’re getting on the plane on Saturday, at the civilised time of 6pm, and will arrive in Munich in time for a late lunch on Sunday. If you haven’t already emailed me about meeting up for Wacken, shoot me a note and I’ll give you my cell number. I’ve packed my NZ flag and I’m told we have blow-up sheep success so I imagine our campers won’t be that difficult to spot.

So, understandably, it will be a short horn of linkage this week. But I promise lots of updates and photos from the front lines!

14 Amazing and slightly humorous public art installations. Outside the Symonds Street cemetery on the K’rd corner is this weird art installation of two giant wheels with two freaky emaciated figures hugging. The first time I saw it I swear I swa the figures moving, then went closer and saw what they really were … always creeped me out. But aside from that PARTICULAR statue, I love public art – especially the art I saw in Berlin last time we were there. Check out these culptures – I love the wackiness of the pixel tap!

A Japanese house built especially for cats. I’m imagining the architect working the two cats sitting on his shoulders, batting his brush around.

Open-Minded Music Lover Likes All Kinds of Metal. “Some people are so narrow-minded and uptight about music, but I’m into a wide variety of bands—everything from Sabbath to Disturbed,” Webber said. “Whether it’s the old stuff, like vintage Maiden or Priest; new stuff, like Mastodon or the Sword; the virtuosic neoclassicism of DragonForce; the unpolished rawness of, say, Motörhead; a multiplatinum band like the Crüe; an alternative act like Clutch; or just a local outfit like Soldiers of Carnage here in town—power metal, speed metal, glam metal, thrash metal, death metal, nü metal, metal-core, or even Norwegian black metal—it’s all music to me, man.”  – Thanks to NCS!

Expand your tastes with 10 Unexpectedly Awesome Foriegn Musical Genres. I like the Chinese experimental electronica and the Scandinavian Space Disco …

Cauldron Craft Miniatures. So cute.


You might have heard of Boo Davis, making her amazing heavy metal quilts as Quiltsryche. But there’s a new man on the heavy metal quilt scene – Mr Ben Venom.

10 Coolest Witches in Pop Culture.

What your favorite 80s band says about you – a crack up, but not nearly enough metal bands on this list. I might write one …

Redundant interviews are redundant – This is quite similar to my thoughts, and one of the reasons I don’t do more interviews – I’m always terrified I’ll be too boring and/or silly.

Thaumaturgic Thursday: Andy Synn’s Abridged Guide to post millennial Black Metal. When I get back I’m listening to every one of these bands.

And, lastly, if you ordered a steffmetal corpsepaint kitty t-shirt, they have arrived! I’ll be mailing them off asap, so you should get them in the next few weeks.

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July 12, 2011 at 11:52 am

Thanks for the link, Steph. Enjoy Waken.

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