Welcome to a brave new world for business. Welcome to the content revolution.

“10 Content Marketing Ideas for Badass Business” will give you some ideas for different ways you can use content – text, images, videos, and interactive media – to turn your marketing from lead into gold. It’s like alchemy, except that it actually works. No, wait, it’s not really like alchemy at all. Forget I said that.

Packed with examples and short case studies, this book is all about sexy, sassy and badass content marketing, and how you can use it to grow your business. A common mantra among Internet marketers is “content is king!” I believe content is more of a multi-tentacled Elder God (Lovecraft geeks, raise your hands!). You stretch your tentacles out in all directions, and slowly but surely, you start dragging in the bounty.

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Unleash the Beast: Releasing Your Inner Creative Monster

Are you creative? Do you wish you were creative? Do you struggle to find the time, energy, and patience for pursuing creative projects? Do you want to make creativity an important part of your career, and your life?

“Unleash the Beast: Releasing Your Inner Creative Monster” is a simple guide to walking a creative path through life – a perilous journey that starts with a single, brave step – admitting to yourself that you want to make your creativity the driving force behind your life. I’m going to share some of the techniques I use (as a successful writer and artist) – as well as explore some ideas used by other creatives – to keep that creative spark alive. Because whether you’re a writer, trapeze artist or accountant, you can’t run a successful business, or enjoy your life, if you don’t learn to nurture that inner beast.

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Small & Awesome Guide to Freelance Writing

I wanted to get paid to write, but I didn’t even know if this was possible, let alone how to get that first paycheck. Now, I’ve had over 3000 articles published in print and online magazines, including internationally-syndicated magazines with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. I’ve got writing clients in every corner of the globe. I’ve interviewed some of my heroes and learned from the best and brightest. I’ve endured all-nighters to meet deadlines and slogged through articles while I should really be getting the dinner on.

I’ve gone from a hobby writer to supporting my family through my writing. Even with the economy in tatters and publications downsizing left, right and centre, I’m still earning money and landing high-paying gigs. And I want to help you achieve the same writing success. Writing transformed my life, and I’m willing to bet it will transform yours too.

The Small & Awesome Guide to Freelance Writing will show you lots of different techniques, and give you the tools to implement and test them to figure out what works best for you. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution that works for every writer or business – no secret success formula that will get you those writing jobs every time, guaranteed. And if someone is trying to tell you there is, you have my permission to kick them in the shins.

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You want to be a blogger. You want to create a blog that people will love.

Or maybe you’ve created a high-quality product decided you’re ready to launch yourself onto the big, wide world. You’re bursting with ideas and a need to connect to people. You’ve heard about this blogging thing and you know a blog could introduce your awesome business to the world.

I want to help you to blog like the awesome person you are. Over months and years I’ve built my blogs from nothing to thousands of readers every day. I wrote my first ebook and watched the little sales pop into my inbox. I went “squee!” as my little online empire grew and grew, and over the years, that voice in my head – the voice of the curator who said I wasn’t good enough – that voice faded, and was replaced by a new voice – my own.

The Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging doesn’t contain a list of blogging “secrets” – it simply explains what I’ve done to make my blogs successful, and gives you easy-to-follow, actionable steps to do the same things. I also tell you what other people have done, and why that’s successful, and show you how to do those things, too.

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Till Death Do Us Part
I’m currently working with a New Zealand publisher/book packager, David Bateman Publishing, on Til Death Do Us Part, a glossy, full-colour wedding-planning book for couples having gothic, metal, steampunk and other alternative weddings. It is a lot of fun, but won’t be released till late 2015.