August 8, 2009

Satanic Fashion

Kvlt Fashion

I don’t normally profile fashion shoots or designers on Steff Metal, because blogs like Kvlt Fashion and Hammer of the Witches cover these so well. However, this shoot from Paris Vogue Sept 2007 remains one of my favorite fashion shoots EVER, and I wanted to share it with you in case you’ve somehow missed it.

The spread is titled “Sacrément Inspirée” and shot by Terry Richardson. I adore the model – who looks like she should be shooting bathing suits for DOLLY – and some of the clothes are really cool.

Fashion is Sacrifice, bi-atches!

Devil Worship is the new black


I'm not too sure what's happening with this one?

What the HELL? Knee-crotch leggings with pink ghostly hands?

O hai, ur baby goat? I eated it ...


The stay-at-home-mom satanist look

I love when designers take inspiration from darker, subversive worlds. I don’t think pentegrams and ghostly hand-pockets will ever be the mainstream though.

Prove me wrong, readers. Prove me wrong!

Super Snuggles and Shoggoth Kisses

6 Comments on “Satanic Fashion

Joshua Russell
January 11, 2012 at 3:06 pm

Nice looking lady

A.E. De Ellendeh
January 10, 2012 at 10:59 am

Ahhh, also id like to say beside the steampunk and medieval punk decors i can offer here to your shoots, also i am developing a new chess game with 300 players, a vampire court left, elvin right, vampire of melancholy, emperor, empress, death elvin, angel of loveless, siren of sadness, etc, a shieldmaiden, each piece has its own moves. its based on my life, front line is black metal an entire line, a line of arrows and a line of angels, who can be struck with arrows if you move the towers and defend them out forward. Now, i must say you are the one that instantly got a chess piece on that board on the two minutes after i clicked the past message enter and was eating of my cherry coffee pie. congratualations. I am making the poster now to have it made tomorrow at the jewelers of antwerp. :) i call your chess piece “the muse of blind.” now on the other side i will seek, “a muse of deaf” (hope i don’t sound harsh but i don’t mean to easily you can see. i have many tragedies and am happy to meet someone not so fulfilled with the world. my greatest ailment as i probably the greatest poet alive (not always as you notice but definatly in ideas and life and main works) well, my main ailment is this world and the fact i am dungeoned by the civil ordinary wishes of everyone else. take care.

A.E.De EllendeH
January 10, 2012 at 10:49 am

Well as i know how hard it is and i’m constantly frustrated about my own silly comments and never indebt, i thought i write something serious as it definatly deserved it. My last essay to modern artists in vain is already legendary so. Basically the synthesis of art is the most important thing to rejuvinate any style, art nouveau along with a new grace of symbols, grey impressionism, surrealist deco, there are thousands of styles being established, steampunk, medieval punk. So this is very important, the elegant demonic artisan meadow girl and goat and scent of gently worn out weeds are much pleasent in a world where even most perfumes of woman smell too much aunty as if Angel Merkel just passed every streetcorner, as i’m sure she does around here anyway. The all pinks and seventies liberties and color rainbow blend satanicism is an excellent sweetest delight to the devil himself. Also the very contribution to farmland over this rediculous wastefull suburbian bullshit with their chicken broilers and cows living in giant meadows of shit, apart from the very sustainability of the entire planet rests on someone making some sense very soon. Also interesting the sort of three cards are the princean joyeus and absurd cervantez, the defeated chubby, along with the power for the powerless, or death, which is the three main symbols of it. Or in any case if he existed on earth, it would be, for him to say… “i can be a joyeus prince, or i can stake you if you don’t do yur proper job, -for politicians usually, cleaning stables in the new artisan world- and for not obeying, well, there is death, because i sure don’t mind dying on this imbecil culture. personally my only remark on this to me perfection, is, the clothes and the dress in pink there, i would personally as a hyperaesthaet make it more slender and art nouveau, combine with the neoclassic victorian type very fine and slender elegance, but this of course is another shoot, i am entirely charmed by such styles as for instance the “feed the horse” clip, i should call this on the ayris machine where we try to sort out the styles to people so they can easily browse various style types, we could call this the Quirky London retro style. It’s certainly prevelant and embedded there. ” Anyway, as you can see on ayrisstar, we have a unique new system for searches, establishing art empires, designing gothic and classic and new fantasy cities, we have a floor plan and a 3D generator coming soon. 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I had the privilage myself to speak to Ottokar Votocek who was partly blind when he directed Wings of Fame, THE most enchanting beautiful art deco dream fantasy and surreal movies, Well i’m sure you can see enough to enjoy all of it just as much anyway, so maybe you should check that out, it was filmed in brussels anyway. I hope to hear from you. If you like to check my work it is on fb also i have a mythology on xlegions now, it is more metal, gothic, mythologic then anything written for a 100 years, supreme evil, fantastic, surreal, allegoric. VERY classic, its almost a religion its that seriously and rgacefull written. If you like to cooperate with me to stage various scenes i’m sure once you understand what is in it and what the main scenes are you might get seriously interested. But it will take the best of anyone to represent it, its not easy. Its mainly intended and written for classical romantic victorian oil paintings as Leightons and WAterhouse and Delville and other symbolists and art nouveau. its mostly a sensual sadism, sardonic, insane, grotesque, also all of its artistic theories are based on a rebours. “beauty exists in decendence and the passion of suffering, as the void cold up the sky for trees crooked and their bark wears, and the sun caress of warmth after which in long pugnent moist must rot, and a winter, where the only treu science of spring, as a miracle of majestic purple, of which none knows, what that is… or why? would it not just die?” Anyway, one last word, i was looking so long for my GAia, a truly inspired woman, it would be my dream to find such a gifted girl artist devoted to the most extreme devotion of art and nothing else, in a melancholic constant tears and movement of the world. And concidering my history with feeding anorexics in psychiatry. I wish this girl was blind. it would be so tragic. it would be most lovely i ever have known. The idea had never arisen but the shivering of the helpless and nurture with sweetness has me trust you dear that it is one of my greatest wishes to ever make love to a girl with impaired eye sight. because the more gentile, the more its a challange i always amaze people with. So it gets boring for me to amaze them and i want more challanges.

No Name
August 11, 2011 at 4:25 pm

I’m a recording artist/fashion whom never stays within boundaries, constantly reminding others that there are NO boundaries in fashion…which is essentially, is art. Everyone becomes somewhat shocked about what I force into fashion. I dig your style ;)

‘No Name’

August 16, 2011 at 9:21 pm


April 23, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Why did the designer combine tarot cards, inverted pentagrams, and freakin’ goat, with right side-up crosses?

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