March 3, 2010

Steampunk Birthday Party: The Great Bogan Train Robbery

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What did you do on Sunday? I had the best day ever.


See? We did actually hijack a train.

CDH and I and 20 of our closest friends spent the day at Glenbrook Vintage Railway. Now, this may not sound exciting, but with 20 metalheads, anything can … and does … become automatically awesome.

I decided I wanted a steampunk-themed birthday party, to celebrate finishing (and possibly selling) my steampunk novel this year. As you all know, metalheads love to dress up, so the idea of pulling out the corsets and crinolines and bustles and fantasy goggles appealed to all our friends, who put serious effort into their costumes for the day.


Amy and Kelli rocking their handmade steampunk outfits

Amy and Kelly came around to our place earlier to get dressed. They made their steampunk outfits themselves, and had raided the local antique shops for their hats and watches and telescopes.


Gallery Serpentine corset


I'm on a train! (it's cooler than being on a boat)

I wore:

  • black tulle skirt, $4 from second-hand shop
  • black ruffled shirt, from Smoove, a present from friends for my last birthday
  • Forest green corset, from Gallery Serpentine
  • Pandora beads, including cute new Pumpkin bead from Jessocles and JP for my birthday
  • Top hat, from Camden markets – with Essex badge and cameo broch on it.
  • fingerless gloves, Glassons
  • chainmail spike bracelet, gift from BFF linley from the US
  • Leonardo de Vinci socks, from Sock Dreams (gift from parents – who rock!)
  • Jeffrey Campbell boots (another gift from parents – who doubly rock!)
  • studded SDP belt (from somewhere in Aus), Skull and crossbones belt (Supre, of all places!), eyelet clip thing from bondage pants, chains (from Glassons, years ago!), leather pouch from a pair of binoculars

Iris and Steff

Iris looked beautiful, as usual, and had her goggles made by a friend who creates movie props. They looked amazing.


Kelli, Aaron and Amy

Aaron looked like a dapper genteel serial killer. He made his glasses himself, including the laser sight.


You rang?


Liz in her steampunk costume

Liz had another awesome costume – she made her goggles and watch herself, and found her jewellry and her wicked camera (you cn just see it behind her arm) at an antique store.


Tarah and Tim in steampunk costume (beautiful photo by Ryan Fogarty)

Tarah – who I think must be one of the most beautiful ladies in the world – and Tim, looking quite dapper for a drummer.


Levi's got me!


CDH - the "running wild fan"

CDH came dressed as “a Running Wild fan”. He prefers to stand behind the camera.



If you want to have a similiar birthday, these tiny vintage railways exist all over the world. They’re usually run by volunteers and are quite inexpensive to visit. We chartered a carriage for the entire day for $250, which split between 20 people, turned out to be about $12 each, plus $1 extra for a jigger ride. The railway put some trestle tables in the carriage for us and we each brought a plate of food and drink to share.


Horns Up! \m/

We had heaps of fun taking crazy photos on and off the trains. The Glenbrook railway stops at the maintenance sheds for 10 minutes each trip, so we had several stationary trains to climb over as well. The other visitors kept stopping us for photos – and the volunteers thought us great fun.


So long! Do forget to write!

I’m going to have to think of something extra-awesome for next year to top this. Any ideas?

Steam up!

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Faith Liamano
March 4, 2010 at 6:33 pm

I LOVE that corset!!! Actually There are quite a few pieces I loved….(Like that skirt you are wearing)

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