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Ray Heberer is a name you’ve heard on this blog before, and you’ll likely hear it again and again, because I’m quite in awe of the dude. I wrote about Ray and the album Winter Solstice from his Bloodred Fullmoon project earlier this year, but today you’re going to hear about another one of his projects: Haemic.


Haemic is a truly international project. Hungarian Adam Farkas wrote some tunes and uploaded them on YouTube – on the synthesizer. Ray happened to chance upon them, and a collaboration was born. The pair re-recorded the tracks with Ray on guitar, and recruited US-based vocalist Mitch Shinderman to lend his brutal pipes to the mix.

Their first full-length album, Fields of Sanguine, was released in April, and it’s killer. Firstly, in both length and scope, it’s an impressive achievement, containing three rewritten versions of songs appearing on previous demos, seven new songs, and instrumental versions of some of the album songs to round it off nicely. Secondly, the music is just fucking cool – and demonstrates that both Ray and Adam are musicians and composers to watch.

Fans of heavily symphonic death metal like Fleshgod Apocalypse will appreciate it’s fusion of neo-classism, raw, primal black metal and progressive death metal. Adam has a talent for taking inspiration from non-metal styles and his keyboards add a unique flavour. Ray’s lead guitar is, as always, faultless. Songs that stand out for me are “Exhaust” – probably because it just sounds impossibly heavy – and “Cold Within” which demonstrates one of Adam’s interesting keyboard compositions.

Complaints – I don’t really have any. Solid composition, raw, biting riffs and animalian vocals that seem to emerge from some dark primordial abyss. I really enjoyed the instrumental tracks – they seem to bring so many more dimensions of the compositions to the forefront. My favorite is “Hellgate” for just this reason.

Fields of Sanguine is available via Haemic’s Bandcamp page as a “name your price” download. And the best way to keep up with Ray and his multitude of projects would be to follow him on Facebook.

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