When I’m not writing, sometimes I like to paint and draw. My artwork features the Corpsepaint kitties, a fat old Metallicat, some froliking goth girls, sinister vikings and all sorts of slightly dark and random creatures.


Selection of my gothic postcards for sale

I specialize in quirky dark art with a graphical, illustration quality. My favorite subjects are cats, cemeteries, archaeology, castles, wild abandoned gardens, caves,

I have a rare genetic eye condition known as Achromotopsia, where my eyes have no cone cells. I am completely color-blind. As in, I see in shades of grey. Because of this, I have a unique perception of what a coloured world would look like, and the colors in my paintings tend to be very bright and vibrant.


\”Midnight Snack\” (corpsepaint kitty), Original for sale.

I don’t take commissions are anything, but if you’ve got a project you think I’d love, please contact me at steff AT steffmetal DOT com, and we can talk.


Viking ship print, (original not for sale)


\”Knights of the Round Catnip and the Quest for the Holy Cupcake\”, original $55.