Hire Me to Write!

Hire Me to Write!

I am currently not taking on any new freelance projects. That said, if you’ve got an interesting project you think I’d love, please do contact me and I may be able to help!

As well as tending the World of Steff Metal and dragging my husband’s drumkit from gig to gig, I work as a freelance writer and small business marketing copywriter, mostly for alternative businesses and non-profits.

If you’ve got a press release that needs writing, a band profile to make awesome, an Etsy shop that’s boring as fuck, or a wacky business idea that needs a writer’s touch, you’re gonna want to contact me.

As a freelance writer, I’ve penned articles for national and international magazines and newsletters in New Zealand and abroad. I write what I love: music, travel, food, fashion, writing, art, life. You can read some of my latest articles online in the Publications section. If you want to talk words and metal, head over to the Contact page.

Steff \m/