April 12, 2017

Your first indie $1000: how to write and sell your novels course

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Your First Indie 1000

Your First 1000When I first started self-publishing, I did a lot of stuff wrong. My first book was poorly edited. It had gaping continuity errors and a spelling mistake on the dedication page. It had a niche audience consisting of metalheads who liked reading bizarre satirical fantasy books about battling for the apocalypse.

Not surprisingly, it sold a grand total of 122 copies, most of which were to well-meaning friends and family who probably never read it.

That was 2012. In 2013 I published my second book – The Sunken. This is part I of a three-part dark steampunk saga that I’d been writing for the better part of five years. These books are the books of my heart, a story I feel as though I was destined to tell. To this day, the Engine Ward books are my ultimate pride, one of my biggest achievements as a writer.

But even after I published the second book, they still only sold a handful of copies every month. It wasn’t until 2014 when I published my first romance series – starting with the Art of Cunning – that I started making serious money. Five-figures kind of serious money. All from three romance novellas that took me a total of ten weeks to write.


Stepping away from my first chosen genre and writing anonymously (at the time) allowed me to step back and critically evaluate everything I was doing. What was it about those three books that made them successful when my fantasy books fell flat? Could that success be replicated across any genre? I wanted to find out, so I kept writing. I kept publishing, and along the way, I learned how to replicate that success, month after month after month.

Since the first month I earned four-figures from my fiction books, I’ve kept up a steady income, despite the ups-and-downs of the publishing industry and all the changes Amazon has thrown at me. In 2017 I took my paranormal romance catalogue from Amazon-exclusive to wide release, in a genre where very few authors can make a successful career across all platforms.

This is my career and my passion, and I want to help you to get to the same place with your books. That’s why I’ve created a new course – Your First Indie $1000.

What you’ll learn in YOUR FIRST INDIE $1000.

I aim to give you a crash course in everything I know about indie publishing, from writing the book, through the production process, right up to the hard part – finding readers and marketing the book to them. In this course you’ll learn:

  • My formula for plotting page-turning books, even if you hate the idea of outlines.
  • A successful plan for getting the words done and finishing what you start.
  • A run-down of the different indie publishing options, along with all their pros and cons.
  • Tips for sourcing and managing your editors, designers, proofreaders, and other professionals.
  • Identifying your ideal reader and finding ways to reach them.
  • How to leverage author newsletters to empower readers.
  • Romancing the algorithm: how to use Amazon and other retailers’ search engines and tools to help your books get found.
  • The different advertising and promoting options, and how and when to leverage each. This is marketing on any sized budget.
  • One-size-fits-nobody: tools to help you create the author career you want, in any genre, without having to fit your writing into some kind of box.
  • Case studies and examples from successful indie authors, including some of my own lessons.
  • How to create a sustainable writing career that will earn for you for years to come.

Ready to earn your first $1000 as a novel writer and kickstart your writing dreams? Sign up today:

Who will benefit from Your First Indie $1000?

This course is ideal for writers of all levels of experience who want to try and build a successful indie author career. Whether you’ve yet to finish that first novel, or you’ve been publishing for a while but haven’t hit your income goals yet, I can help give you a plan to make your dreams a reality.

This course isn’t for those people who want to write just one book and forget it, but people who want to make a viable living as an author. It’s ideally suited to genre writers, but literary writers will find much of value also.

If you are writing something other than novels – poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, shopping lists – you will find some aspects applicable, and others not so much.

How YOUR FIRST INDIE $1000 is taught.

This is an eight-week writing and publishing course, taught in a combination of email lessons, a Facebook group, and live hangout Q&As where you can ask questions and get feedback on what you’ve been working on so far.

  • Every week you’ll receive an email lesson about a different facet of earning your first $1000. We’ll cover writing, researching the market, covers, blurbs, launch, and marketing. These are meaty lessons with tons of tips, links to other resources, and actionable steps to get you moving.
  • You’ll be invited into the private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to chat with other students, post your writing or ask questions. I’ll be hanging out there to give tons of one-on-one feedback. And I’ll even invite some of my other author friends to come and talk to you about their experiences.
  • I’ll hold one Facebook live call, where you can hop on and chat in person, and ask all your questions.

Who’s the teacher?

That would be me. I’m Steff, a New York TImes and USA Today bestselling author of both dark dystopian fantasy and paranormal romance (under Steffanie Holmes). I’m the author of sixteen books (seventeen by the time this course begins). I’m super passionate about being an indie writer and helping others to succeed.

Currently, I teach creative writing at Rutherford College Community Education, and I’ve previously taught through Sewlyn College. I’m a regular speaker at Romance Writers of New Zealand conferences on the topics of indie publishing and online marketing. I’ve worked with startups, corporates and small businesses all over the world to help them grow and maintain an authentic online presence.

This is the first completely online course I’ve run. It’s cool, because this means I can help authors from anywhere in the world.

What I won’t tell you:

This course is about writing something that inspires you, while finding the best way to reach the readers who are interested in that. I won’t tell you to write a specific genre, to publish a certain number of books, to make books free, to price books high, to make a sacrifice to the Elder Gods … if you want to write, and you want to earn four-figures a month as a writer, then I want you to be able to do that on your own terms.

You write what you want to write. I’ll just help you do it better.

Click to join the class now for only $99USD (approx $139 NZD).We’ll be starting classes on May 15, 2017. Spots are limited to only thirty places, so be in quick!