March 20, 2018

10 Reverse Harem Book Series You Should Be Reading

Metalheads Who Read

harem of hearts CM stunich

I released my debut reverse harem book last week, which means I’ve been talking about nothing else ever since. If you’re new to the genre, I wrote a post explaining what reverse harem is, but I thought I’d better include some recommendations.

This list only includes reverse harem series where the female main characters don’t choose one of the guys. She gets to be with all the guys in the harem. These aren’t anime books although some a heavily influenced by that style. I’ve tried to include a mixture of different types of series, age, and heat level. This list is only about series books – there are heaps of awesome standalone books, as well. If I’ve missed a series you love, post it in the comments!

1. Rock Hard Beautiful, CM Stunich

groupie cm stunichThe first indie reverse harem series I read, and therefore the book by which all other series are measured. Lilith Goode’s life falls apart, and she ends up homeless outside of rock concert. The band picks her up and chaos and mayhem and sexy times and angsty times and lots of love and healing happen. These books are SO GOOD.

Start with: Groupie

2. Witch’s Consorts, Eva Chase

eva chase witchs consorts

Eva Chase is an author friend of mine, and she’s written this amazing series that is doing really well right now. Rose returns to her childhood estate to arrange her marriage to an influential witch. But the only guys she’s drawn to are her non-magical childhood friends. Paranormal with a touch of the gothic.

Start With: Consort of Secrets

3. The Rogue Witch, KT Strange

KT strange phoenixcry

Another amazing book from an author friend of mine. Darcy gets the dream internship working for the band of hot werewolves called Phoenixcry. Darcy’s got her own secrets to hide, and this tour will take you on an emotional ride. Another book mixing rockstars and reverse harem, but this time with werewolves.

Start with: Phoenixcry

4. Kit Davenport, Tate James

Kit davenport tate james

Kit Davenport; an internationally-renowned thief with secret abilities bad people want to get their hands on. Luckily, she’s got some badass dudes on her side, and a fun, snarky voice that will pull you through even the darkest moments of these books.

Start With: The Vixen’s Lead

5. Curse of the Gods, Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

curse of the gods reverse harem

Set in a fantasy realm where people called dwellers serve a godly caste called the Sols, our hero Willa finds herself embroiled in all sorts of mysteries and deceptions, with only the five arrogant Abcurse brothers seemingly on her side. Willa is an absolutely hilarious heroine who’s a total disaster (in the best way). I found the guys kind of blend into one, but it’s kind of one glorious whole, so that’s okay.

Start with: Trickery.

6. Seraph Black, Jane Washington

seraph black jane washington

Seraph does her best to keep her head down and protect her younger brother. But there are two new boys in town who can’t seem to leave her alone, and she can feel sparks under her fingers. Fun and somewhat dark upper YA reverse harem, not much in the way of sexy times but great chemistry.

Start with: Charcoal Tears

7. Their Vampire Queen, Joely Sue Burkhart

queen takes knights

Super-steamy vampire reverse harem series. Shara’s been on the run, but then she learns she’s a lost queen descended from Isis, and she has two vampire knights sworn to protect her. Seriously, this book is pretty hot.

Start with: Queen Takes Knights

8. Harem of Hearts, CM Stunich

harem of hearts CM stunich

It’s Alice in Wonderland as you’ve never heard it before. CM Stunich is queen of steamy dark reverse harem, and this series is one of her best. Forget everything you knew about the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare …

Start with: Allison’s Adventures in Underland

9. The ‘Cuda Confessions, Eden Connor

Gas or Ass book

Not every relationship is about love. Some are about speed, sex, and defiance. This book is the story of good girl Shelby who ends up with two hot stepbrothers who live in a world of illegal street races, NASCAR, and sharing everything. And now they want her. More “group sex” than a reverse harem, these books are so ridiculous you can’t help but love ‘em.

Start with: Gas or Ass (yes, that’s really the title).

10. The Briarwood Reverse Harem series, Steffanie Holmes

castle of earth and embers cover

I wrote this list, so I get to put my own book on it. That’s just the way I roll. This series follows science geek Maeve who inherits a real, honest-to-goodness English Castle, complete with four hot male tenants drenched in grief, hope, and ancient magic. But there are dark forces threatening Maeve’s new home, and she’s got to embrace a side of herself she’s never acknowledged in order to save her new family.

Start with: The Castle of Earth and Embers