June 24, 2015

10 Wicked Ouija & Spirit Board Items for the Body & Home

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burke & Hare Co ouija pillar candle

killstar ouija dress

Dress from Killstar.

Yesterday I published a post about the history of Ouija and Spirit Boards. While the boards have a rather sinister reputation now, back in the Victorian era they were simply seen as a fun and light-hearted parlour game. As the spiritualist movement grew – particularly in the United States – so to did the popularity of spirit boards.

Now, thanks to movies like The Exorcist, the boards have a more sinister reputation. But that doesn’t mean they still aren’t alive and well. They are often seen as a general symbol for occult and spiritualist ideas, and as such, many alternative brands use the spirit board symbolism on their products.

If you’re as fascinated by this unique occult relic as I am, then you might like some of these awesome spirit board-themed products I’ve hunted down:

1. Spirit Boards and Personalised Planchettes from Fiendies

fiendies planchette

Fiendies is one of my favourite online webshops. Their products are incredibly unique. Choose from a selection of spirit boards in a variety of styles and sizes, and add a beautiful planchette like this As Above / So Below design shown in the image. All their spirit boards and planchettes are handmade from blackened Baltic birch, then engraved and painted by hand for truly unique and beautiful items. They also offer a selection of other divination / spirit channelling items, such as pendulum boards and crystal grids, and you can also talk to them about creating custom designs especially for you.

2. The Planchette Collection by Bloodmilk Jewels

bloodmilk jewels planchette collection

Bloodmilk Jewels are one of the most beloved alternative jewellery brands out there. Handcrafted by master jeweller J.L. Schnabel, these pieces channel the supernatural, the wonder of the natural world, and elements of Victorian spiritualism and mourning culture. The Planchette Collection is inspired by the world of spirit boards, and features rings, pendants and necklaces of sterling silver with a matte-satin finished, hand-oxidised to create a beautiful, ethereal finish. Prices are extremely affordable for quality handmade jewelry, and these pieces will definitely stand out! If I could choose one piece from this collection to own, it would be the mini planchette ring – I just have to get over my fear about buying rings online!

3. Ouija printed clothing from Killstar Co.

killstar ouija jacket

I talked last week about how much I like the graphical elements of Killstar Clothing’s lines. Well, it turns out they have a ton of Ouija-inspired products, including this Ouija long-sleeve tunic dress, cute Ouija crop top, and snuggly-looking Ouija hoodie. If you look really carefully, you’ll see it doesn’t say what you think it’s going to say …

4. Ouija Pillar Candles from Burke & Hare, Co.

burke & Hare Co ouija pillar candle

Burke & Hare Co. have been my candle-source shop for a while now, and it’s because their entire range of decorative pillar candles and scented soy candles are both gorgeously luxurious and . With themes ranging with width of the gothic psyche, from Edgar Allen Poe, to Victorian Spiritualism and dark wave music, there really is a candle for everyone. For the spirit board enthusiast, this ouija pillar is it – although I’d recommend buying a few of their scented tester candles while you’re at it. A full review of a range of Burke & Hare candles will be on the blog next week.

5. Ouija Board Tank Top & Brief Set from Pinup Girl Clothing

pinup girl clothing ouija

Who knew channelling the spirits could be so sexy? This Ouija tank top and brief set from Pinup Girl Clothing features lace trim and a modern spirit board design.

6. Ouija Skater Dress from Jawbreaker

ouija board skater dress

As a label, UK’s Jawbreaker clothing created printed designs that are a little bit fun, an little bit gothic. Their style is more street and skater, with relaxed cuts and fun details. This ouija board dress includes a really cool strap detail across the back. Buy this dress now from Jawbreaker.

7. Spirit Board Pillowcase set, from Gypsy Warrior


Speak to the spirits in your dreams with this spirit board pillowcase set from Gypsy Warrior. I’ve only recently discovered this site through the lovely Burke & Hare Co. team – they stock an impressive array of alternative fashion and decor items (check out the Spirit Board Switchplates and the Bitchcraft Ouija Bathing Suit). I’m seeing a lot of stuff that wouldn’t look out of place in my medieval-inspired home. Plus, they have an awesome instagram.

8. Ouija Board Socks from The Asockalypse

ouija board socks

I own these socks and love love love ’em. They are warm and toasty and look seriously awesome. They are just over-the-knee, and have a garter that attaches to them, although I usually wear them without it. They are from Too Fast Apparel and you can buy these socks from The Asockalypse.

9. Ouija Board Dress, from Smarmy Clothes

ouija board dress smarmy clothes

Smarmy Clothes have been a popular Etsy shop for years, and it’s easy to see why. The fabric on this ouija board dress – like many of their other fabrics – is custom-designed by creator Lex. A flattering body con shape, the dress has a black back panel and a scoop neck. I love the way the fabric is designed so the words flow across the middle and the moon and sun designs are over the breasts. You can also buy a matching planchette necklace to go with it.

10. Hail Satan and Drink Coffee, from BlackCraft Cult

hail satan drink coffee

I love this design from popular Orange Country occult/alt clothing label Blackcraft. The spirit board design gets a satirical finesse with Hail Satan and Drink Coffee – which happens to be the name of an actual coffee bean blend. Annoyingly, the coffee beans ship in the US only, but you can grab the mug or t-shirt or tank anywhere in the world (there’s also an “Eat Pizza” version).

There are probably a ton more cool Ouija and spirit board designs and shops out there – just searching “ouija board” on Etsy brings up an amazing array of handmade spirit boards. Are you ready to talk to the other side?

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