January 23, 2018

5 Movies I’m excited about in 2018

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I’m actually not a big movie buff, if I’m honest. Oh, don’t get me wrong, movies are moving books with cool music, and a good one is an awesome way to spend an afternoon, but I’d often rather be doing something more active than watching stuff.

We still have Netflix (we got it free for a month for the Gilmore Girls reboot a year ago and sort of forgot to cancel) and so we’ve been watching a lot more TV series lately. I like that you can just watch 1-2 45 minute episodes and then go get on with your life. We often watch something over lunch while we’re working on the farm. There are so many amazing TV shows coming out these days. We are currently addicted to Grimm, and after that is the second season of Riverdale.

Recently, a few good trailers have called me back to the movies, and I’m compiling a list of stuff we have to see this year. As you can see from this list, I don’t do superhero films. The only superhero stuff I’ve ever really liked is Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, and it wasn’t the superhero element that sold them in the end, believe me.

(And yes, I’m aware a couple of these came out late 2017. We get things late here in NZ. Sue me.)

1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

There are dinosaurs. That’s basically all you need to know.


Also, IAN MALCOLM. And they added some explosions and other stuff, too. But all I saw was DINOSAURS.

10-year-old Steff watched the original Jurassic Park something like a hundred times, then read the books, then obsessed about being a paleontologist until she discovered the Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, and nothing else mattered after that.

After the original, Jurassic World is my favourite of all the films because one thing the first film plants in your mind is the idea of the park actually being open and functioning. And Jurassic World took that and ran with it and managed to make this old fanchise fresh and awesome (and a bit ridiculous … I mean, outrunning a T-Rex in high heels? But then, when you’re talking about genetically-engineered dinosaurs, I feel like you don’t get to be a stickler for accuracy, you know?). This one promises more of the same. The husband and I will see this at the movies, because dinosaurs should be twenty-feet high.

2. Winchester

Ever since Crimson Peak, I’ve been hanging out for a richly visual gothic film to sate my lust. But there really hasn’t been anything in recent years, until Winchester.

Based on the true story of Sarah Winchester – played by Helen Mirren – widow of the founder of the Winchester Rifle company, who was reportedly haunted by the souls of all the people her husband’s company’s products had killed. According to the medium she consults, the only way to quiet these angry spirits is to build them an immense home, with construction not being allowed to stop for a single day. The house – known as the Winchester Mystery House – actually exists, and contains weird features like doors and staircases that go nowhere, windows between rooms, and odd-shaped stairs.

The visuals in the trailer look stunning, and it happens to come out around my birthday, so I might be at the theatre for this one, too.

3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Another film based on a true story, Three Billboards follows a grieving mother who, after the police in her small town fail to capture the man who raped and murdered her daughter, takes it upon herself to pay for three billboards to be posted up outside the community boundary. The billboards read:




The billboards divide the town, and end up as a bit of a national news item, prompting more investigations into the crime, while the mother, Mildred – who seems to be a bit of an awesome upstart from the trailer – suffers harassment from townspeople and press over the billboards.

The trailer sells this. I want to see it so bad.

4. The Shape of Water

Guillerno Del Toro has written and directed a lot of films I love (Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak), and from the looks of this trailer, he’s outdone himself with The Shape of Water. A mute custodian at a laboratory befriends are amphibian/humaniod creature that in my mind is styled after the merpeople of myth (not pretty mermaids like in Disney films). It also scraped in 13 Academy Award nominations, and won two Golden Globe awards.

I am excited to get my hands on this to watch at home as soon as it comes out on home release.  

5. Mortal Engines

We picked up the first book in Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines series for £1 from a kooky junk shop while travelling through England. We both devoured it – CDH reading many passages out aloud to me because I couldn’t wait until he finished to read it – and sought out the others as soon as we could. The book series is dark and beautiful and perfect, and with Peter Jackson working on the film, it promises to be perfect, too.

The trailer captures everything that is awesome and terrifying about Municipal Darwinism.

I am so, so excited about this.

There are lots of others for this year and from late last year that I’ll have missed. What are you looking forward to, or what have you seen recently that you really liked?