October 17, 2015

A New Era of Author: I’m a guest on Radio NZ Nights!

Steff, Writing Runes

radio sounddesk

radio sounddesk

Image via DJ Headlines.

A bit of an exciting start to the week for me. I’ve been invited to talk about indie-publishing on Radio NZ Nights, which is a weeknight show hosted by Bryan Crump that has a range of interesting guests including academics, authors, artists and scientists. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, Radio New Zealand National reaches almost every New Zealander. Its programme mix includes news and current affairs, documentaries and features, drama and music. At least 33% of the music it broadcasts is New Zealand in origin, and talk-orientated programmes make up 60% of air time.

Apart from when I was a kid and my school toured a radio station and I told a joke about dinosaurs on air, I’ve never actually been in a radio studio before, so I’m pretty excited (and more than a little nervous). Bryan Crump is the presenter, and he has a lovely voice and asks a lot of fascinating questions (I’ve been listening to previous shows all week to get a feel for what I should be talking about. We’re going to be talking about “a new era of author”, what it means to be a writer in this era of ebooks and easy indie publishing.

I’m going to be talking live in the studio from 9pm Monday 19 October (that’s tomorrow), but if that’s past your bedtime, you’ll be able to listen to the interview after the fact on the Radio NZ website. To find your local frequency, check out the ways to listen page.

Thanks so much to Radio NZ for giving me the opportunity, and to Sam Clemerson for arranging this awesome thing!

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