January 17, 2012

ABSU at the King’s Arms, TOMORROW NIGHT

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As part of the Hailstorm of Fire and Choas tour, Absu will be unleashed on the King’s Arms Tavern tomorrow night. Doors open 7:30 for the first of many awesome gigs this year. Absu are hot off playing multiple sold-out shows in Australia, and they’ve been receiving rave reviews for their rare appearance on stage. Absu formed in 1991 in the bleak and arid Texan desert, and have risen in the underground scene to become one of the most influential extreme bands to come out of the US. Their 7th studio album, Abzu, was released in October 2011 via Candlelight Records and has been appearing in many best-album of the year lists.


Absu’s thrashy, death-influenced black metal has won them cult status, and we’re stoked to have them on our shores. I’ve got my ticket, and the peeps at Chaos NZ say there are still a few outstanding. It’s only $60 bucks to see one of the masters of US occult/black metal, plus local acts Exordium Mors, Heresiarch and Nullifier (with the Jag. THE JAG people).

Tickets available from Choas NZ. I will see you in the pit.